Environmental impact
Water supply in Singapore is a national concern impacting economic, social and other issues and there are long term plans toward self sufficiency in securing supplies. As scarcity of clean water resources increases over many parts of the world, wider global implications such as food and health threats can be expected.

Performance Status
Conscious of its water usage, we have been working with the water authorities on implementing water-saving devices and other conservation measures. Our previous report observed an overall downward trend. In 2006, potable water consumption was met within our KPI target despite additional installation of new planting and water features. More non-potable water, an increase of about 25% was used for meeting the irrigation needs of young plants so as to substitute the use of potable water. Efforts were also made to recycle water in large quantities as in the example in the recent renovation of our swimming pools, where drained out water was reutilized for washing seats at the nearby sports complex.

Objectives & Targets - 2007 to 2010
Other than maintaining within KPI targets, we will continue to explore water conservation opportunities.

2005 – 2006 Financial Year 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2007
Objectives & Targets Performance & Efforts
Use of water - Maintain KPI between 15.0 & 16.6 m3/student/year. Met KPI at 15.8 and 16.6 m3/capita/year
Increase the use of non-potable water for plant irrigation by about 25%, estimated at 2555 m3/year in 2004 Some 3200 m3/year, about 25% was used.
2001 - 2004 Financial year 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2005
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