To oversee the transformation of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) into a Green Campus with an effective Environmental Management System, three committees have been set up since 1997.

Green Committee

Formed in 1997, the main aim of the Green Committee is to educate students and staff on environmental issues so that they will have a greater awareness and understanding of its importance. It is the committee’s hope that every student and staff will make it a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. More about its achievements and activities in SP GreenPage.

ISO14001 Committee
The ISO14001 Committee was set up in 2000 to establish, implement and manage the Environmental Management System(EMS) in compliance with ISO14001 requirements. Working closely with the Green Committee, the ISO14001 Committee plans and coordinates EMS training programmes.

Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club
Officially launched in 1998, the SP Environment(ENV) Club was set up to help engage both staff and students in environmental conservation through campus-wide activities, for example Cartridge Recycling Project. More in the video. With club members being part of the Green Volunteers Network as well, the Club actively promotes awareness of environmental issues.

The Club also seeks to inculcate a sense of personal commitment in its members by working in projects outside of campus or with other agencies such as the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore Environment Council and corporate companies.

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Our Environmental Policy
Singapore Polytechnic will protect, care for and continually improve our environment by complying with relevant legislation and requirements, and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System that enables us to create a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.
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