Welcome to the DMAD EAE! Here is some important information on what to expect for your EAE application to the Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (DMAD).

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EAE Timeline

MAD EAE 2024

EAE Process

The MAD EAE Process comprises 2 stages:

Stage 1: The Aptitude Test

  • You will be sent an invitation via email to:

    i. Select the specialisation you are interested in – you may select up to TWO. Be sure to put the specialisation you are most interested in as your first choice.
    ii. Submit your online portfolio for the specialisation(s) you are interested in via a link provided.
    iii. View your given timeslot for an in-person aptitude test on 15 July.

  • The aptitude test differs according to the specialisations you apply for. The tests are as follows:

    Specialisation Test*
    Animation & Games MCQ Test
    Creative Community Engagement with Psychology
    Digital Media & Communications
    MCQ and Writing Test
    Experience & Product Design MCQ and Sketching Test
    Sound & Music
    Listening Test (MCQ)
    Story & Content Creation
    Writing Test 
    Visual Communication & Motion Design MCQ & Writing Test

    *May be subject to changes

  • Your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your aptitude and passion for a particular specialisation. Here are some examples of what you can include in your portfolio:
    o Visual designs (e.g. 2D or 3D animation, artworks, digital illustrations, etc.)
    o Applications (e.g. games, visual coding, Unity/Unreal applications, etc.)
    o Community involvement (e.g. VIA programmes, volunteering experiences, etc.)
    o Original music compositions
    o Written Works (e.g. stories, poetry, scripts, etc.)
    o Photo & Videos
    o Art & Craft works
    o Any other relevant artefacts (e.g. CCA records, testimonials, etc.)

Stage 2: The Interview

• Through the EAE process, we are on the lookout for candidates who demonstrate the following:
KNOWLEDGE & PASSION about the specialisations they are interested in,
APTITUDE through evidence, and this may include, but not limited to, a portfolio, or a collection of works, or handmade objects; prototypes, or self-made videos etc.,
ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE clearly and openly,
• Openness to COLLABORATE across disciplines.
• Shortlisted candidates from Stage 1 will be invited for a face-to-face interview between 24-28 July.

EAE Tips

• The way you rank your EAE choices matters!
While you may apply for up to three course choices, you are only eligible to receive up to one offer. If you are assessed to be suitable for more than one of your course choices during the selection stage, your received offer will be to the course which is ranked highest among your three choices (from https://eae.polytechnic.edu.sg/)

• You will have TWO choices of specialisations instead of just one!
For those of you who are interested in more than one area, you can have access to TWO specialisations in DMAD. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for your first choice, and a subsequent interview may be arranged for your second choice if needed.

• Gain direct access to the specialisation of your choice!
At MAD, we recognise your creative talents – so, as long as you pass all your first-semester modules, you will automatically be assigned to the specialisation you successfully interviewed for!

All the best and see you in MAD!

Note: Please note that the EAE process and tests may be subject to changes. Candidates will be updated and informed of these changes if any.


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