Welcome to Media, Arts & Design School Orientation Programme!

This is a compulsory orientation programme, comprising a 2-day in-campus programme on Wed 12/4/23 and Thur 13/4/23.

The programme will provide you with important and useful information on your course of study, academic and administrative matters. You will also get to meet your personal tutors and classmates.

 MAD FO 2023 Programme_thumbMAD Orientation Programme Booklet

Please download the MAD Freshman Orientation Programme 2023 Booklet on the left.

Check the FOP Programme and venue for your class.



The MADPack 23

The online MADPack contains critical information for you to start school. The password to access the MADPack will be emailed to you after your enrolment from 30 March. For better understanding of the Pre-specialisation Modules selection, please ensure that you have gone through the online MADPack section on Foundry and Pre-specialisation Modules.


Pre-specialisation Modules Application

Pre-specialisation introduce you to the fundamentals of the various Specialisations. You will need to complete 2 out of 5 Pre-specialisation modules. During the Pre-specialisation modules selection, you will need to rank both Pre-Specialisation modules.

Admission to a Specialisation in year 1 semester 2 will be based on:

  • Your overall Academic Performance (70% Prerequisite Pre-specialisation module; 30% Overall Performance)
  • Aptitude in the prerequisite Pre-specialisation Module
  • Vacancies available

Please rank your Pre-specialisation modules via the application link in the MADPack 23.

Application Opens: 05 April 2023, 8am
Application Closes: 12 April 2023, 11.59pm

"Making my Pre-Specialisation Choices"

Not too sure which Pre-specialisation modules to choose for your first semester? Fret not. Please view in MADPack 23, "Making my Pre-Specialisation Choices" video in the section on Pre-specialisation Module Application, as well as the section on Foundry and Pre-specialisations, to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

MADPack 23

We have consolidated essential MAD information in the MADPack 23 to ease you into MAD FOP. It contains important academic matters as well as what MAD life is like. As the semester progresses, continue to refer to this page as we will be updating it with Foundry information and more.

You will be given access to the MADPack 23 from 30 March 2023, after you have accepted the letter of offer. A password will be sent to the email you gave for your student registration after 3-days of acceptance.

In-Campus FOP

Check your reporting venue in the MAD Orientation Programme 2023 Booklet. Look out for our friendly MAD Ambassadors who will guide you to MAD from SP Entrance adjoining Dover MRT on level 2. Your Personal Tutors will take you through the programme assisted by student leaders. Your attendance is compulsory.

SP CCA Carnival
Date: 11-13 April 2023
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: Food Court 5 foyer, Sports Arena (SPAR) Walkway and Rockwall Central PLaza, Student Development Office Foyer, Poly Centre.

MAD School Orientation
Date: 12-13 April 2023
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: SP Media, Arts & Design School

(If you do not know which class you are in, click to find your class assignment or login into
>e-Services/eResources >Personal>My Info (use your SPICE password) 

SP Cares

SPcaresLogoIn partnership with Food From The Heart, SP Cares introduces the culture of serving and caring for the community. You can contribute by bringing one or more food items in the Wish List to class on 12/4/23 during FOP. Please refer to the Food Wish List and what can be accepted here.


For enquiries on Freshman Orientation Programme 2023, please contact:

Telephone: 67751133 



More information on MAD School can also be found here:


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