Diploma in Creative Writing for TV & New Media (DTVM - S41)

Your Future

After DTVM, your story continues into an exciting future brimming with opportunities.

"In a fast changing and complicated media landscape, the students from DTVM have always shown themselves prepared for any battle ahead. They are open to try out new avenues in thinking, working and producing, while always providing the best results possible."

Diogo Martins
Content & Community Lead
Digital Group, Mediacorp


"Having been invited to hear students of DTVM, I was blown away by their creativity, professionalism, content and confidence in presenting to the panel. They had clearly learned all aspects of the craft from research and development to production and editing and thus are prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the industry."

Neal Moore
Head of Content and Business Development
Beach House


"The DTVM intern showed a great attitude when it came to learning and taking on assignments. I could see her skills and confidence improve as she progressed through the internship."

Eugene Wee
Editor, The New Paper




Contact Persons:

Ms Mary Chin at 68704870 or email her at 

Mr Ng Chee Teng at 68706334 or email him at ng_chee_teng@sp.edu.sg

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