The Diploma in Game Design & Development guides you to explore the different pathways in the games industry with game design as the core. You get to learn and experience the different aspects of game development such as game design, level design, user interface design, character illustration, 3D modelling, animation, gameplay programming and game project management. Discover your talent as you go through the course.

The games industry is fast-growing, and games are changing the ways we interact with the world. In fact, games are not just designed for entertainment purpose; they are also designed to aid in education, therapy and other applications as well.

The Diploma in Game Design & Development will help you gain a foothold into the games industry as you learn how to design and develop different types of fun and engaging games.

Join us now and embark on the quest in creating your own games in the Diploma in Game Design & Development.

Course Highlights

  • Exciting collaborations with industry partners, including game studios, research labs
  • Learn to design and develop games on new game platforms such as iPad, Android tablets and motion-based input devices
  • Studio environment which provides realistic team-based games development project experience
  • Wide range of professional software and hardware support the learning process, and the development of game projects
  • Track record of successful game projects, including published games, games for research, games for learning, and game installation projects



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