Imagine if you can now do the things you love doing every day and make a career out of it. We’re always looking for passionate young artists to join our family of Visual Effects & Motion Graphics artists in this rapidly growing industry. We are excited to nurture the next generation of artists and provide a playground for your wildest imagination.

With the course, you will:
  • Have your own workspace. Make it look your own!

  • Work on a powerful workstation packed with everything you need to unleash that creativity.

  • Work with experienced lecturers who are just as passionate as you are in visual effects and motion graphics.

Join us at DVEMG! 


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Why choose DVEMG @SP?

We make superheroes whiz across the clouded skies, add a rainbow just for your eyes. We create places not found on Earth and stories with plot device

We are the unsung heroes that forge visual harmony, spawn wounds that bear no pain. We are different, but not insane.
We are DVEMG. Art Lives Here.

Learning and Teaching Methods

Oscar Wilde once said that art is "the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known". If you have always felt that creativity is the essence of your individualism, and would like to express your abstract self to the world, then Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) is for you.

In DVEMG, we let you take the wheel. You are given the liberty to create your next masterpiece, be it through motion graphics, graphic design, photography, 3D animation and modelling, visual effects and so on.

Equipped with a through knowledge of motion graphics and visual effects, prospective students will be able to use various audio-visual mediums as a canvas for self-expression.




I was from CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent. There are many reasons to love DVEMG but one of them is definitely the fact that we do not have to take exams or tests. I am also glad that DVEMG has an eclectic mix of people I can mix with. Last but not least, I get to be in the company of like-minded people who enjoy talking about movies like I do and are as passionate about motion graphics as I am!

What you will learn in DVEMG

Your Own Personal Space - make it your own!



We have reserved a personal studio space just for you! Packed with a powerful workstation and all the software you need to unleash that creativity in you. The M.A.D Studio is designed to simulate an actual design studio environment for personal efficiency and collaborative teamwork. No more racing from classroom to classroom, going to class will become like an artist going to work.

Meet The Teaching Team


Video realted image

Bradley Yeo

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Jeffrey Xu

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Kenny Ong

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Lynus Hee

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Jennifer Ang


Industry Projects

Our students have been involved in many industry projects such as Music Matters , Halloween Horror Night, Licence to Play, World Solar Car Challenge, Singapore Art Museum.

Internship and Overseas Trips

All of our students go through a 17 week internship program before graduating. There are also overseas trips and internship for students who want further exposure.

Work Experience and Employment prospect



Graduates of this course have transitioned to reputable creative companies both locally and overseas. Click here to see what some of our graduates are doing now.