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Develop and strengthen your portfolio by working on real-world issues in MAD Studio Projects, the Final-Year Project and Internship.

MAD Studio Project

Builds on the transdisciplinary practices taught in PlayLab to further develop your ability to generate new ideas and contribute to innovations. You will work in mixed groups and take on complex, real-world industry projects. Drawing on the domain knowledge and skills from your own specialisation as well as your peers’ specialisations, you will gain a deeper understanding of an issue and turn them into new knowledge that challenges the status quo.


Transdisciplinary Project

The knowledge and skills gained in the past two years will integrate and applied in this module. Working in groups comprising mixed specialisations, you will build on the transdisciplinary practices learned thus far to develop solutions while learning to meet business needs, deal with resource constraints, as well as leverage on social, cultural and economic trends. You will communicate with the client, their stakeholders and manage a project. This module aims to deepen your skills in transdisciplinary thinking, and develop resilience and an entrepreneurial spirit in tackling complex problems.



Immerse yourself in the workforce and gain valuable industry experience related to your field of study. This 22-week internship programme comprises a structured learning outcome that facilitates authentic learning and adds to your professional portfolio. 



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