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MAD Foundry Modules

The Mad Foundry modules gives you a good grounding by developing you in the foundational skills and knowledge required by the media, arts and design industries.


Story Craft
This module introduces students to the craft of telling a good story. Through the evolution of storytelling, students will recognise the power of story in connecting people and shaping the way we see the world. They will learn key concepts from ideation to character development, story setting and narrative structure. They will recognise themes in stories and learn how to create stories that will resonate with the target audience. Students will use critiques as a tool to edit and make improvements to their work.


Understanding Humans and Communities
Understanding how we think and behave as individuals and as part of a community is essential when crafting effective and memorable stories and experiences for a certain target audience. This module will introduce basic cognitive processes and examine how our behaviours are influenced by our personal and social processes. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of themselves and of the community by understanding the interaction between our mind, body and behaviour.


Principles of Design
Design plays a vital role in shaping and improving the user experience. This module introduces students to the basics of design principles, visual hierarchy and flow, through the disciplines of photography, digital imaging and illustration, typography, layout and composition design. By the end of this module, students will be equipped with the vocabulary of the medium and with basic digital skills to transform images into meaningful stories.

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Taster Modules

Taster modules expose you to the different specialisations available and allow you to try out those that
you are keen on.


Awesome Motion Design!
Give life to your beautiful graphics design by adding motion design. Create exciting movements by applying the principles of animation and using industry animation tools. These skills can be used from logo animation to creating more likeable social media posts.


Digital Game Design & Development
This module aims to foster an awareness and appreciation for game design and development, which lets a student experience a complete yet simplified game design and development life cycle that includes planning, conceptualizing, world building, level and mechanics designing, digital prototyping to playtesting.


Drama & Performance
Being able to present yourself, your ideas and your inspirations is vital in so many situations. You need to know how to maximise your impact; and to challenge others to think or to take action! What better way to develop these skills than through theatre, as creator, facilitator or participant.

This module introduces an exciting range of foundational theatre performance skills, including an exploration of different performance styles. You will experience the demands of creating and presenting a performance for a particular demographic, exploring key issues. By the end of the module, you will have explored a range of applied drama forms and approaches, as well as experienced being part of a theatre ensemble as actor, director and creator.


Information Design
This module introduces students to the specific area of graphic design that displays information efficiently and effectively outside of just being attractive. By the end of this module, students will be equipped with the ability to collect data, analyse observations and address insights before streamlining information to their target audiences in an instantly understandable fashion.


Introduction to 3D Arts
This module provides an overview of the fundamental in 3D animation and game art pipeline. The contents of this module will help students to experience various stages in productions studio. Students will learn the technical aspect of the production using 3D software package, including 3D modelling, texturing, animation, rigging, lighting and rendering.


Reimagining Brands
From the iPhone to Nike sneakers to Coke, all of the hottest and most well-known products and services today are successful because they have built strong brands for themselves. However, most people think a logo, a slogan, or even a set of colours is what defines a good brand, when there is actually much more to it. This module provides an introduction to the ways a brand can describe itself to its users and customers, differentiate itself from its competitors, and make use of brand assets and promotional tools to get the word out - all through giving students the chance to reimagine existing brands with a new, fresh twist!


Storytelling for Digital Media
Anyone who takes a photograph, shoots a video or posts on social media can be defined as a content creator. So how do you stand out from the hundreds of millions of others?

The secret lies in telling a good story and understanding your audience. This module will show you how to come up with ideas for media content and how to write and produce them so that your target audience will experience and engage with your stories in a meaningful way.  

You will also learn about the strengths of digital media and how to craft content that makes use of these advantages.

By the end of this module you will not only be able to express your story ideas more fluently online, but will also be equipped with the practical skills to produce content for your own digital channels. 


Sound & Music
Students are introduced to the fundamentals of music, performance and production. Students will learn to produce simple pieces using digital audio workstations, and these pieces could be useful for apps, games or videos.


PlayLab is a project-based module where you solve complex real-world issues. It cultivates your creativity and problem-solving skills to arrive at out-of-the-box solutions.


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