Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology (DADP - S43)


course-img1-dadpUsing stories to transform. DADP journeys beyond performance, integrating the tools of drama with an understanding of psychology. The result is a powerful engine for education, social intervention and change.

Do you want to help others share their stories? How can you create transformative encounters when these stories are told? Can stories change lives or influence communities for the better, and if so, how?

Not just the theatre — the world. At CASS, authentic learning means extending the boundaries of the classroom. Connect with your audience through industry-based assessments. Design programmes to meet the specific needs of participants, including children, youths, the elderly as well as marginalised communities.

With the course, you will:
  • Draw on the expertise of leading dramatists through our Artist-in-Residence scheme and master classes. Embark on exciting overseas study trips and learn from international practitioners in theatre/ social service/ psychology fields.

  • Work with communities from a wide range of settings, such as schools, social service agencies and hospitals. Participate in a short immersion programme and/or intern with local drama companies, schools, government agencies and community development organisations.

  • Bring different stories to life in Black Box, our drama space with unlimited potential to transform itself, its players and its audience.

Join us at DADP! 

Combine your dramatic flair with the heart to make a difference in society.


CASS preview - DADP

Life's Little Joys (DADP)

Fight Like A Girl - with subtitles (DADP)


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"DADP is a course which enlightens both the heart and mind through self-reflection and meaningful lessons which, in turn, create a significant impact on our lives ... Singapore is in dire need of good arts educators to teach in schools and social welfare associations because they have recognised that drama is an important pedagogical tool to build a creative and cohesive community."

Mr Kok Heng Leun
Artistic Director
Drama Box

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Ms June Wee at 6879 0342 or email her at junewee@sp.edu.sg

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