Playing games is fun. Making games is fulfilling. Do you want to create games that can give people fun, engaging experiences?

From idea to concept to game design planning to game demo development, the game development process is challenging but very rewarding. Get closer to making your own original game in the Diploma in Game Design and Development (DGDD). This course will groom you to become a well-rounded entrepreneurial Game Designer, Level Designer, a 2D & 3D Game Artist or a Gameplay Programmer who can design and develop a game idea from conceptualisation to project proposal, from prototyping to production.

Course Highlights

  • Exciting collaborations with industry partners, including game studios, research labs
  • Learn to design and develop games on new game platforms such as iPad, Android tablets and motion-based input devices
  • Studio environment which provides realistic team-based games development project experience
  • Wide range of professional software and hardware support the learning process, and the development of game projects
  • Track record of successful game projects, including published games, games for research, games for learning, and game installation projects



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