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U in Us

Can volunteerism exist beyond giving back to society? U in Us is a dynamic project that empowers individuals to view volunteerism as a means to uplift the community while discovering themselves through practical and interpersonal skills. Through reimagining YCS’ branding and Fireflies campaign across a series of multimedia platforms, this project champions volunteerism, friendship and community— the hallmarks of our youth.


Less of Words

Initiated by Red Pencil Singapore, this campaign focuses on promoting self-expression through art therapy. With increased efforts directed at measures to help deter troubled youths from crime, ‘Less of Words’ sheds light on the backgrounds of youths-at-risk. Evidently, there is more to their behaviour than meets the eye. From a short film to a microsite, then, a series of interviews with former youths-at-risk and finally, an art exhibition, the audience is led through a journey of recovery. Art therapy offers an alternative platform to seek solace, instead of violence. This campaign focuses on the real stories, not the mistakes, offering a voice for the struggles troubled youth are unable to verbalise.


Youth Keep Us Moving

Our campaign aims to empower Singapore’s youth by conveying the message that making a positive impact isn’t as difficult as they think and they are capable of making a significant impact towards the betterment of society with just one small action. At the same time, it aims to show appreciation to existing volunteers for igniting positive change with Youth Corps.


Almost Home

A campaign that educates Singaporeans and businesses that recognising, empathising and employing the Stateless will help bring them a step closer to Home.

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