Certificate Award Ceremony – Problem Based Learning Project by NTU

07 Oct 2016

On 10 August 2016, the NTU School of Physical and Mathematical Science represented by Dr Fedor Duzhin, gave away Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Participation to six selected teams in recognition of their good quality submissions for a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) assignment. The students had submitted the PBL assignment as part of their Advanced Mathematics Module 3. The problem was designed by Dr Fedor Duzhin and he had presented it to the students via a talk entitled “Predicting future population” that he had given on 11 May 2016.

The top three teams were all from DCHE and they received Certificates of Merit and Prize Vouchers of $200 (1st), $100 (2nd) & $50 (3rd) respectively while the other three teams from DARE, DEEE and DME received Certificates of Participation. The first prize winners shared their learning journey and experiences during the course of solving the problem. The award ceremony was attended by Dr Fedor Duzhin, MS lecturers, and staff from CLS. A small tea reception concluded the ceremony.

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