Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills
“I would like to thank Mong Ling, Aznah, Clare, kelly for their patience, and their knowledge sharing”

- Jasmine Ng Seow Ling, HR Executive (BP)

The Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills

“The Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills is an excellent CET Diploma course that has provided me with robust human resource skills. The Singapore Polytechnic lecturers and invited guest speakers have shown and shared real-life examples of how innovation in HR technologies, and the use of design thinking and HR analytics tools can help to not only assess performance but also solve HR and business challenges.  The applied learning has been well complemented by the valuable sharing from a diverse group of classmates of HR practitioners with various expertise and perspectives. The experience has been truly beneficial and enriching.”

- Anthony Low, Specialist (Trainer), Human Resource (People) Development Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Local Biologics Skills Training (BOOST) Programme

“I took up this course as I wanted to make a career switch.
After course completion, I have gained practical experience, knowledge and the opportunity to network with people in the industry which allows me to successfully make a switch from healthcare to pharmaceutical industry. I am currently working in a start up GMP lab which is a great platform for me to learn and be involved in different projects - from procurement, equipment validation, data integrity, assay validation to handling client and regulatory lab audits. Working in both healthcare and pharmaceutical sciences has allowed me to fulfill my interests and allow me to excel based on my strengths.”
- Florence Fok, previously from Roche Singapore Technical Operations and now, with Sigma Aldrich after LBST programme

WSQ Diploma in Warehouse Services

"Lecturers are very knowledgeable and supportive. Every module in the diploma course is very useful and has helped me in many job tasks given by my superior. The class environment, computer facilities and software tools are top-notch. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process during the course."

- Ben Chor, works in a FMCG equipment MNC

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