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PACE Leadership


Singapore Polytechnic has been training and developing talent since 1954, even before Singapore became independent, fuelling the economic growth of the nation over the many decades. Continuing Education and Training (CET) was given prominence in 1979 in Singapore Polytechnic when Singapore needed well-trained and skilled manpower to boost its push to value-added manufacturing and services.

The Professional & Adult Continuing Education Academy or PACE, launched at Singapore Polytechnic in 2010, provides the focal point for CET – as Singapore Polytechnic continues to build on our success in providing new and effective pathways for learners of all ages to develop their skills and knowledge so as to be employable in an ever-changing workplace.

We offer more than 400 courses including formalised certifiable courses like Part-Time Diplomas and Post-Diplomas, Work-Study Programmes (WSP), Career Conversion Programmes (CCP), SkillsFuture Career Transition Programmes (SCTP) and many short but targeted skills training courses to meet the aspirations of individuals and corporations. Working closely with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Workforce Singapore (WSG), associations and unions for outreach to all potential learners, PACE facilitates funding support through our partner agencies like SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and Employability and Employment Institute (e2i) to ensure our courses and programmes are affordable.

Above and beyond, we take great care to introduce new courses and programmes whilst updating existing ones to be relevant to the industry by aligning to the national Skills Frameworks (SFw) and Industry Transformation Maps (ITM). PACE courses are designed with the adult learner in mind – applying the appropriate andragogy and committing the best training resources.

Find us in the digital space or simply walk into our One-Stop Centre. Come and explore the myriad of opportunities to make it possible for you to remain highly employable with the required skills and knowledge in the 21st Century Singapore. Singapore Polytechnic is the Polytechnic for all Ages.

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    DIRECTOR, PACE Academy

    Wong Jian Chang oversees PACE Academy. 

    His experience in the education sector spans across various functional roles, including Human Resource in SP; national policy development for the Higher Education sector in MOE (Ministry of Education), and lecturing in SP.
    He graduated with a B.Eng (1st Class Hons.) in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and a Masters of Science in Computational & Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University in the United States. 

Outreach team

Outreach & Development division comprises marketing, sales and business development teams. Our key objectives are to promote lifelong learning and skills upgrading among individuals and organisations. Particularly for organisations, we endeavour to meet the learning needs through customisation and contextualisation. We work closely with the academic Schools in Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and external partners to mount new CET courses for adult learners that are relevant to industry.

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    Outreach and Development

    Jessy oversees the Outreach and Development team. She develops approach for business development, marketing & events as well as course quality and innovation. She leads the team to actively seek opportunities for collaborations with external stakeholders, such as unions, corporates, associations, agencies and training partners to scale up CET. Her team also collaborates with internal stakeholders, such as schools and departments in mounting CET courses in SP, and provides advice on CET guidelines and rules.

    Jessy holds a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering (Hons) degree and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (MSc) degree. She has more than 15 years of experience in conducting training and assessment for Energy & Chemicals sector. She was seconded to SkillsFuture Singapore in 2016-2018 and led the development of the Skills Framework for Energy & Chemicals and Skills Framework for Energy & Power. She is an active committee member in the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) – Advanced Manufacturing Sub-Committee. Her passion in training and adult education has motivated her to focus on CET and Workforce Transformation for the industry. 

Course Operations team

The Course Operations team oversees the areas of MOE CET courses, short courses and online courses. The team also looks into the continuous improvement of course operation processes through technologies and the improvement of learners' experiences.

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    Course Operations

    Ngee Yang, leads and oversees the Course Operations team which encompasses the administration and operations of MOE CET courses, short courses and online courses.

    Before joining SP, Ngee Yang’s experiences in engineering spanned across manufacturing and R&D sectors. He then continued his journey in SP as a Lecturer in School of Mathematics & Science before embarking on key administrative roles. As the Deputy Director of Student Services, Ngee Yang was tasked to oversee the support for Pre-Employment Training (PET) students in various areas such as socio-emotional counselling, special educational needs, financial assistance and outbound services. During his secondment at MOE’s Higher Education Policy Division, Polytechnic & ITE Policy Branch as a Senior Assistant Director, Ngee Yang was involved in conceptualising initiatives to enhance support and educational outcomes of students in polytechnics and ITE. 

    Academically, Ngee Yang holds a Master of Education (MEd) from University of Adelaide, a Master of Science (MS, Photonics) and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE, Electrical and Electronic) from NTU.

Administration group

The Administration group is an integral part of PACE Academy. The group provides services and supports relating to Finance and Management Accounting, Information Technology and Project Management, Statistical and Management reporting, and Business Excellence (BE) and Quality Management.  

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    Under Administration functions, Patrick Yang provides full support to both internal and external stakeholders in the areas of Finance, Information Technology and Project Management, Statistical and Management reporting, as well as Business Excellence (BE) and Quality Management. He also works closely with the SP schools and public agencies to ensure the smooth operations of administration functions.

    He has held various leadership roles in public and private organisations, which include Powermatic Data System, Xircom Asia Pacific, Singapore Land Authority, National Environment Agency, etc. Patrick has extensive years of experience in the fields of Corporate Services, Customer Service, Quality Management, Business Excellence and Training. He is also a National Senior Assessor for Business Excellence and has been involved in awards/certifications assessments of both public and private organisations.
    Patrick received his B.Eng (Hons) in Manufacturing Engg from University of Birmingham and obtained his post-graduate degrees from National University of Singapore (MSc in Real Estate and MSc in Mech Engg) and Nanyang Technological University (MEng by research and MBA).

Placement Team

The Placement team aspires to support learners on their continuing education to progress in their careers.  

Placement Facilitation section seeks employment opportunities for the learners.  The section also provides career advisory to prepare learners for their next careers. 

The Placement Programmes section partners schools in SP, public agencies and the industry to provide a suite of career transition or conversion programmes.  

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    Wales Ong supports the placement team as an educator and a career coach.  As educator, he sees and advocates the importance of life-long learning.  And as a career coach, he wishes to help learners to identify with their uniqueness and strengthening them professionally.  He continues to be creative in his approach to bring the eco-system of employability together, by working closely with stakeholders and the learners.

    He graduated with a B.Sc (1st Class Hons.) in Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of Wales, and M.Sc in Engineering Business Management (with merit) from the University of Warwick.

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    Business Transformation

    PACE has embarked on a transformation journey to better serve our CET learners and Randy is committed to this cause. Working closely with colleagues and key stakeholders, he is responsible for charting the academy’s transformation roadmap towards a new operating model and its implementation.

    Randy brings with him a wide range of CET experience including competency framework and short course development, learning operations management, business development and marketing, and business process re-engineering and improvement. He holds a BSc in Information Systems and Management and is ACTA-certified.