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Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals

Topic:Applied & Health Sciences

Course Type:Part-Time Diploma and Post-Diploma Courses

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  • Course Date:

  • Registration Period:

  • Time:

    480 hours (1.5 year)
  • Mode of Training:

    Facilitated Learning (Face-to-Face/ Online Synchronous) and Asynchronous E-Learning
  • Venue:

    Singapore Polytechnic (facilitated classroom training) and Online E-Learning
  • Funding:

    Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

Please note that once the maximum class size is reached, the online registration will be closed. You may register your interest and be notified with there is a new run.

Class schedule:
2 - 3 evenings (face to face/e-learning) weekly from week 1 to 18 of academic calendar (PDC1: 6.30 - 9.30 pm, PDC2: 6.30 - 9.30 pm, PDC3: 6.30 - 9.30 pm)

(Up to 3 weeknights on certain weeks due to makeup classes for holidays/vacation or curriculum requirements)

480 hours (1.5 year)

PDC to start with:

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For course specific details, please contact the course manager:
Name: Dr Ng Suxiu

Course Objective

The courses are designed to upskill the technical competencies required for product formulation and application of specialty materials.

The Specialist Diploma in Formulation Science & Technology (NSFST) course focuses on imparting a sound understanding of the functionality and application of specialty materials for performance within the pillars of the Specialty Chemicals industry such as consumer care, coatings, oilfield and lubricants. This will include training in formulation design, characterisation and performance evaluation of specialty materials.

The Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals (NASC) course advances to value add the training towards product innovations as required. Such skill is important to create value in expanding product portfolios and applications of specialty materials through acquisition of in-depth knowledge on scientific advances and technological know-hows and reinforcement of essential life skills (e.g. independent and critical thinking as well as good project management skills) necessary for applied research, problem solving and optimisation purposes.

Participants who completed the NSFST can opt to progress to PDC3. Participants who completed PDC3 will be awarded with the AD qualification. Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals graduates can further articulate onto a one-year full-time MSc programme in Polymer Science and Engineering offered by Loughborough University2.

2Part-time option is also made available

Course Outline

The Specialist Diploma in Formulation Science & Technology course consists of 2 post diploma certificates (PDC 1 & PDC2) and builds on towards the Advanced Diploma course with a third post diploma certificate (PDC3). Each PDC comprises three modules and the details are as follows.

Please click here for Module Synopsis.

PDC 1 Certificate in Functional Materials for Performance*
CP1301 – Specialty Chemicals
CP1302 – Specialty Polymers
CP1303 – Performance Evaluation Techniques

PDC 2 Certificate in Product Design and Formulation*
CP1304 – Formulation Science and Technology I
CP1305 – Formulation Science and Technology II
CP1306 – Product Design and Development

PDC 3 Certificate in Advanced Materials Technology 
CP1307 – Specialised Materials
CP1308 – Automation and Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing
CP1308 – Additive Manufacturing 

* This PDC is from Specialist Diploma in Formulation Science & Technology

Minimum Requirements

Applicants must complete PDC1 and PDC2 of the Specialist Diploma in Formulation Science & Technology. before taking Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals (NASC).

Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of the three Post Diploma Certificates within a three-year validity period, the participant will be conferred an Specialist Diploma in Formulation Science & Technology and Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals from Singapore Polytechnic.


Caden Seah

Caden Seah

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals in 2019

Caden is currently a Development Engineer, Lab Associate at Milliken Asia Pte Ltd and is pursuing a Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Why I took up the Course

“I was hesitant to take up a degree programme as I was not clear in which area of study in materials science to specialise in. I wanted to join the workforce and take up part-time study to discover my scientific interests, hence it was an apparent choice to take up the advanced diploma programme. This is especially so when I learned that some of my technical managers and seniors I’ve met at work also went through a similar route and attained their Master’s degree. Now that I have made it to the Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering programme at NTU, I am grateful for the opportunity Singapore Polytechnic has offered me.”

My experience

“During the advanced diploma programme, I was exposed to a variety of industries within materials science ranging from personal care formulations to polymer processing. With that said, I have learnt in depth about the most up-to-date equipment and technology being used in the various industries. This allowed me to have a taste of working in these industries, which was what I needed to find my professional interests. It was an overall pleasant experience as the workload and schedules were fairly paced and manageable, despite having to work full-time during the day time. The enriching content provided by the programme and lecturers also helped by making learning less daunting.”

Suitable for

This course is suitable for working adults and graduates from Science/Engineering discipline who wish to seek gainful employment/career advancement in the burgeoning Specialty Chemicals sector by equipping themselves with specific occupational competencies that are highly sought after by the industry.

Course Fees

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Applicants/Eligibility Certificate in Functional Materials for Performance Certificate in Product Design and Formulation Certificate in Advanced Materials Technology Total Course Fees
SINGAPORE CITIZENS BELOW THE AGE OF 40 $498.35 $598.02 $548.19 $1,644.56
SINGAPORE CITIZENS AGED 40 AND ABOVE $332.24 $398.68 $365.46 $1,096.38
SINGAPORE PR $1,360.80 $1,632.96 $1,496.88 $4,490.64
SME-SPONSORED SINGAPORE CITIZENS $343.10 $411.72 $377.41 $1,132.24
SME-SPONSORED SINGAPORE PR $415.80 $498.96 $457.38 $1,372.14
OTHERS / REPEAT STUDENTS (for SC) $3,322.35 $3,986.82 $3,654.59 $10,963.76
OTHERS / REPEAT STUDENTS (for PR) $3,402.00 $4,082.40 $3,742.20 $11,226.60

Other Fees Payable:

(Incl. GST)
Examination Fee-$16.20
Miscellaneous Fee$7.49$7.56
Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS)$1.01$1.02
Insurance Fee (GPA)$1.70$1.72

- The fees shown (inclusive of 8% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- As announced at Budget 2022, there will be no increase in government fees and charges for Singaporeans from 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2023.

- Post Diploma Module Certificate fee is payable on a semester basis.

Refund Policy:

i) Withdraw within 2 weeks before semester commencement, 70% refund of paid course fee.

ii) Withdraw on or after date of semester commencement, no refund of paid course fee.

Please note that other fees paid are non-refundable.

Application Procedure

Please click here for application procedures.

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