Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming




The Infocomm Media 2025 Master Plan has highlighted that software development is one of the key job areas that requires manpower. According to the master plan, our infocomm manpower pool must widen to include graduates from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and other fields and through programmes that convert them to tech specialists to take on jobs in the emerging tech fields. With the growing pervasiveness of infocomm technology, the workforce will increasingly need to go beyond the basic usage of computers and mobile devices to use infocomm technologies to solve day to day business problems and improve efficiency and productivity. With the increased demand for infocomm technology, many roles in the 21st century will require coding and computational thinking skills to develop software and applications for both the infocomm sector as well as for non-infocomm sectors.

Participants will focus on picking up 2 core popular programming languages: Javascript and Python, which are widely used for web applications and data analytics. In addition, for user interface related web design, students will pick up html, css, bootstrap and some photoshop editing skills.

Participants are required to bring computer notebook when attending lessons, as you may need it to access the e-learning materials, writing reports, etc.

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide focused training to equip participants in the fundamentals of web development. The following objectives will be achieved upon the completion of the  course:

a) For the design perspective, participants will receive training on optimizing website design and creation.

b) For the technical perspective, participants will receive training in

• fundamentals of programming
• client side/frontend development
• back-end web development

Suitable for

This course is suitable for adults who wish to pick up web development skills and switch to the IT industry.

Participants are required to bring computer Notebook to every lesson.

Participants are also expected to have basic IT skills and preferably know some basic programming. As the concepts might be new to you, you are expected to commit time and effort to complete the course.


Minimum Entry Requirements

Applicants should have a polytechnic diploma or university degree to apply for the Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming.

Applicants who do not have any technical IT knowledge  may be required to take a selection test to gauge their suitability for the  course.  

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on evidence of at least 5 years of relevant working experience or supporting evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted will have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves the right to shortlist and admit applicants.

Course Outline
The course is a one-year part-time programme. It consists of 2 Post Diploma Certificates (PDC) conducted over 2 semesters, 1 PDC per semester. The first PDC to start with is PDC1. The classes are conducted in the evening. Each PDC will consist of a few modules and the details are as follows:

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Semester One

PDC 1: Certificate in Web Development Fundamentals
Module 1: Fundamentals of Web Development Technology
Module 2: Fundamentals of Programming
Module 3: Visual Interface Design

Semester Two

PDC 2: Certificate in Web Programming
Module 1: Backend Development
Module 2: Web Programming
Module 2: Capstone Project

Participants must complete PDC1 before they can progress to PDC2.

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of two Certificates within a two-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Diploma (Conversion) qualification from Singapore Polytechnic.

Participant who has completed both PDC1 and PDC2 from the this course will be granted exemption for module “Front-End Web Development” when he/she enrolls into the Specialist Diploma in Full Stack Web Development


Ms Aries Tan

Ms Aries Tan, 21, who graduated from Singapore Polytechnic last February with a diploma in accountancy, was one of those who took up the free CET modules. She attended four modules, which stacked for a Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming, from April 2020 to February this year.

Ms Tan, who is now doing a degree in accountancy at Nanyang Technological University, said she applied for the modules when her planned internship fell through due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I saw the opportunity to sign up for these CET modules as a good chance for me to level up my knowledge," she said. "Digitalisation and technology will affect my chosen field study which is accountancy. So the modules will equip me with the skills to help in my accountancy career journey." Ms Tan said that the course gave her a foundation in computer programming language Python, which helped her in university where there was a related module.
"It really helped me in my first semester when my classmates were struggling but I had the basic foundations from the CET course," she said. "If not for CET, I would not have picked up these technological tools like Python and Java that I find really interesting."  


Mr Chong Jun Wei

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Course Fees

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Certificate in Web Development Fundamentals$500.52$333.68$1,334.72$344.59$399.17$3,336.80
Certificate in Web Programming$500.52$333.68$1,334.72$344.59$399.17$3,336.80
Total Course Fees:$1,001.04$667.36$2,669.44$689.19$798.34$6,673.59


*SC- Singapore Citizens 

**PR- Perrmanent Residents

Other Fees Payable:

Examination Fee-$16.05
Miscellaneous Fee$7.49$7.49
Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS)$1.01$1.01
Insurance Fee (GPA)$1.70$1.70


- The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- Post-Diploma Certificate Fee is payable on a semester basis.

Refund Policy:

- Withdraw within 2 weeks before semester commencement, 70% refund of paid course fee.

- Withdraw on or after date of semester commencement, no refund of paid course fee.

Please note that other fees paid are non-refundable.


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Terms and Conditions

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Date of Course Commencement:
17 Oct 2022

Academic Calendar

Registration Period:
1 Jun - 31 Jul 2022

* Registration may be closed once seats are filled up 

Class schedule:
Up to 2 evenings a week
6.30pm to 9:30pm

240 hours (1 year)

PDC to start with:

Email: ptenquiry@sp.edu.sg

For course specific details,
please contact the course manager:
Name: Mr Low Jin Kiat
Email: Low_Jin_Kiat@sp.edu.sg