Expand Your Profits: Increase Your Customer's Buying Frequency and Amount Of Purchase

Course Date:
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Registration Period:
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7 hours / 1 day

9am to 5pm

Mode of Training:

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Objective
Acquire the know-hows to turn a one-time customer into a loyal repeat customer who purchases not just more times from you… but also higher-priced products/services as well. Essentially, you are equipped with the tools to nurture *lifelong frequent-paying customers*.

Course Outline
In this 1 day workshop: “Expand Your Profits: Increase Your Customer's Buying Frequency & Amount Of Purchase”, you can expect to learn these:

  • Discover 6 hidden secrets why people buy not just one time, but continue being a customer of a business and keep coming back to make more purchases
  • How to nurture your customer base and have them stick to you as their only choice (as opposed to jumping ship to do business with a competitor)
  • A proven way to 'reignite' previous customers who have stopped buying any of your other products or services - and encourage them to start making purchases again
  • How to get your customers to increase their spending and start buying your higher-priced offers, instead of always purchasing low-priced ones
  • Key secret to instantly expand a successful sale... into 3 more additional sales
  • What else to sell to customers if they had already bought everything you offered (Learn how to never run out of things to sell and enjoy ever-growing profits)
  • A referral-generating system that gets your customers to willingly bring you MORE customers

Suitable for

  • Managers At Any Level
  • Business Professionals Executives & Staff
  • Sales Teams & Supervisors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Purchasing Staff
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team Leaders
  • P.R, Customer Relationship & Service staff

Minimum Entry Requirements / Assumed Skills and Knowledge
There are no pre-requisites, meaning there are no courses or educational qualifications. We do however make certain assumptions about you as a learner which we call assumed knowledge and skills. The assumptions are as follows:

• Basic English Language writing and communication skills
• Ability to participate effectively in group discussions, speak and communicate in a learning environment.

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Participants are not required to sit for examination at the end of the course. A Certificate of Attendance (electronic Certificate) will be issued to every participant whose attendance is not less than 75%.

Profile of Trainer

Mr Tylus has advised and helped sharpened the marketing and sales campaigns/materials for companies spanning over 30 different industries. He has guided companies' sales teams, SMEs and major corporations in uncovering hidden opportunities and breakthrough ideas, that result in significant increase of their bottom line, business revenues and profitability.

An obsessed marketing enthusiast, Tylus spent over 15 years learning, real-life testing and applying just about every marketing method and idea known to man. These vast experiences had in turn helped to uncover what truly and repeatedly works in sales & marketing.

Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He oversees the people and management of his businesses by actively applying productivity and work-optimising strategies to generate growth and profitability. From that experience, as well as joint-venturing/connecting with a diverse variety of people from different industries, he has identified patterns that can limit or plateau professional and personal growth, as well as patterns that can substantially maximize one's potential to bring in optimal personal success as well as professional success in one's career. Tylus incorporates these success concepts and real-life examples into his trainings. Many clients who attended the training have acknowledge that they are glad to be the ones learning the strategies, and hope their competition never will.

In the online aspect, Tylus has created numerous web ads and copies for different niches and businesses with some achieving an immediate 300% increase in sales. A partial list of Tylus’s clienteles include Singapore Armed Forces, People’s Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Prudential, Senoko Energy, Star Cruises, MCYS etc. He also conducts in-house training for corporations, hospitality and service industries, large and small organisations, associations and statutory boards.

Course Fee

 Singapore Citizens aged 50 and above Singapore PRs/Foreigners
Funding available50% of the course fee excluding GST (capped at $500 per course)Nil
Course Fees Payable$142.50 (incl. of GST)$267.50 (incl. of GST)

1. Government subsidy will only apply to the course fee portion and will not cover GST
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Application Procedure

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