Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture
Cyber Security for Non-IT Professionals
Designing Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation
Digital Technologies for a Smart City
Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
Digital Workplace Transformation with 5G and Emerging Technologies
Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes
Incident Response Management
Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity
Intermediate Computer Vision
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
Introduction to Blockchain
Introduction to Ethical Artificial Intelligence
Maritime Cyber Security (Basic) Training Programme
Practical Approach to Cloud Computing
Practical Approach to Wireless and Computer Networks
Understanding 5G and Its Business Cases
Vulnerability Assessment


Advanced Digital Painting for Illustration and Concept Art
Adobe After Effects Fundamentals
Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals
Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals
Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals
Design Thinking for Business Innovation
Designing Effective Infographics
Fundamentals of Web Design and Development
Houdini SOPs (Basic 101)
Introduction to 3D Modelling with Substance Painter for Games
Introduction to Digital Art with Photoshop
Introduction to Game Level Design with Unreal Engine
Improving User Experiences with Design Thinking Integrating Design into Business Innovation
Lighting Design Fundamentals
User Experience Design for Digital Products


Creating Powerful Videos to Promote Sales
Creative and Critical Thinking at the Workplace (Basic)
Creative and Critical Thinking at the Workplace (Intermediate)
Digital Painting for Illustration and Concept Art
Photography for Social Media
Sound Design
Video Editing for Social Media Using Mobile Devices