Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Operational)

Course Details

Course Dates:
16 Sep to 18 Sep 2019

Registration Period:
26 Apr 2019 to 2 Sep 2019

 24 hours /3 days

 8:30am to 5:30pm

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Objectives
• To provide deck and engine officers awareness and guidance to good operating practices by regular use of sound and proper procedures to ensure the safety of the ship, its personnel, cargo, machineries and protection of the environment;

• To provide the knowledge and skills required to attain a ship’s team that can respond efficiently to changing circumstances and contingencies.

Course Outline



  • Introduction and administration

Working knowledge of shipboard personnel management and training

  • Organization of crew, authority structure, responsibilities
  • Cultural awareness, inherent traits, attitudes, behaviour, cross-cultural communication
  • Shipboard situation, informal social structures on board
  • Human error, situation awareness, automation awareness, complacency, boredom
  • Leadership and team working
  • Training, structured shipboard training programs
  • Knowledge of personal abilities and behavioural characteristics

Need for international maritime conventions, recommendations and national legislation

  • International maritime conventions – SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, MLC,– role of IMO, ILO
  • Recommendations and national legislation

Ability to apply task and workload management

  • Planning and coordination
  • Personnel assignment
  • Human limitations
  • Personal abilities
  • Time and resource constraints
  • Prioritization
  • Workloads, rest and fatigue
  • Management (leadership) styles
  • Challenges and responses

Knowledge and ability to apply effective resource management

  • Effective communication on board and ashore
  • Allocation, assignment and prioritization of resources
  • Decision making reflecting team experience
  • Assertiveness and leadership, including motivation
  • Obtaining and maintaining situational awareness
  • Appraisal of work performance
  • Short and long term strategies

Knowledge and ability to apply decision-making techniques

  • Situation and risk assessment
  • Identify and consider generated options
  • Selecting course of action
  • Evaluation of outcome effectiveness
  • Decision making and problem solving techniques
  • Authority and assertiveness
  • Judgement
  • Emergencies and crowd management

Self-awareness, personal and professional development

  • Knowledge of personal abilities and behavioural characteristics
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development

Suitable for
Sea Going Maritime Officers or Office personnel in the Maritime Industries.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Completed Basic Occupational Safety and Security Training
  • Minimum sea service of 6 months as Deck / Engine cadet
  • It is highly recommended that all trainees undertaking this course to have sufficient familiarity with shipboard operations.

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Deck Cadets
Bridge Resource Management (Operational Level)
STCW Code Section A-II/1 certificate

Engine Cadets
Engine room Management (Operational Level)
STCW Code Section A-III/1 certificate

Course Fee
Fees Payable:
$680 (excluding GST)

$727.60 (including GST)

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Capt Zaharin Ismail
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