Company and Workforce Transformation (CWT) Programme

Many companies struggle with questions such as “Where do I begin?”, “What should I focus on?”, and “How should I do it?” as they pursue transformation.

As such, Company and Workforce Transformation (CWT) aims to help Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) overcome these hurdles by providing a guided, structured and holistic approach in helping them transform effectively, be it in the area of business strategy, process improvement, technology adoption, branding innovation, job redesign, workforce skills development, human resource management or others.

CWT is a suite of programs carefully co-designed with eleven companies from diverse sectors and is sector-agnostic. Every program will achieve two powerful outcomes for the company that undertakes it - Solutioning and Training. 

In other words, a company can look forward to:
1. A solutioning implementation by Singapore Polytechnic’s highly skilled resources and 
2. Through the solutioning implementation, the employees of the company participating in the project will, at the same time, gain essential technical and generic skills 

These two powerful outcomes allow a company to transform in an effective and sustainable way as its workforce i.e. a company’s human asset and drivers for change, is part of the transformation journey. In addition, these programs are highly funded by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for easy access by SMEs.

(a) Business Needs Analysis

(b) Business Strategy and Transformation Roadmapping (BizST*R)

(c) Data Analytics

(d) Data Discovery

(e) Data Visualisation

(f) Digital Build

(g) Digital Execution

(h) Digital Transformation

(i) Process Redesign

(j) Project Management