Japanese 3

Date of Course:
To be advised

Registration Period:
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60 hours / 30 days


Mode of Training:


Course Introduction

Japanese 3 is the third of three Japanese modules. Participants who complete Japanese 1, 2 & 3 (or 180 hours) of Japanese language instruction may take an external language proficiency test - The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 5 (JLPT 5).

Course Objectives

Japanese 3 introduces participants to the Japanese language and its use in everyday situations. Participants will be able to identify the different systems in Japanese writing. Emphasis will be given to developing participants’ speaking and listening skills to communicate in simple Japanese. Participants will also be able to read longer elementary Japanese text and write longer notes and letters.

Course Outline

  • Japanese food culture
  • Traditional Japanese arts, sports, entertainment and costume
  • Renting an apartment in Japan
  • Taking a taxi
  • Visiting a doctor

Grammar items:

  • Verbs in informal negative form
  • Plain form of verbs, nouns, ‘i’ and ‘na’ adjectives
  • Conditional sentences
  • Subordinate clauses
  • When to use the particle ‘ga’ and ‘o’
  • Expressions ‘Please don't...’; ‘must...’; ‘need not…’
  • Expression of ability or possibility
  • Expression ‘before a certain time’/’before I did something’
  • Expression of challenges/difficulties
  • Expression of hope or request
  • Expression of an experience
  • Expression of multiple actions/things
  • Expressions ‘to become’ using ‘i’ and ‘na’ adjectives, and nouns
  • Expression of agreement
  • Expression of contrast ‘but’
  • Expression ‘I think that…’
  • Expression ‘It is said/mentioned that…
  • Expression to encourage/advise someone to do something or make a suggestion
  • Expression ‘you must…’
  • Expressions of time or an appointment
  • Expressions of someone doing you a favour; when you do a favour for someone
  • Expressions of personal opinion, situation, and request
  • Expression of a completed action

Suitable for
Participants who would like to develop basic reading, speaking, listening and writing proficiency in the Japanese language.

Minimum Entry Requirements / Assumed Skills and Knowledge
Participants must have had completed Japanese 2 before they are able to proceed with Japanese 3.

Award / Certification / Accreditation
If a participant…

  1. Fails the assessment but meets 75% attendance – participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance (electronic Certificate)
  2. Meets 75% attendance and passes the assessment - participant will receive a Certificate of Performance (electronic Certificate)


Course Fee

 Singapore Citizens aged 50 and above Singapore PRs/Foreigners
Funding available50% of the course fee excluding GST (capped at $500 per course)Nil
Course Fees Payable$330.60 (incl. of GST)$620.60 (incl. of GST)
1. Government subsidy will only apply to the course fee portion and will not cover GST
2. For more information on National Silver Academy (NSA), please click here


Funding Incentives

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Terms and Conditions

Registration may be closed once seats are filled up

Application Procedure

1. All applications must be made via Online Registration at www.pace.sp.edu.sg
Course fees can be paid by the following payment modes:

a) Credit Cards, Internet Banking, NETS (Not Applicable for company sponsored)
For e-payment using Visa/Master cards and Internet Banking, please click on the ‘Make e-Payment’ button on the acknowledgement page to proceed.

b) For NETS payment, you can pay at:
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c) Cheques
Please make cheques payable to “Singapore Polytechnic”. Do cross the cheque and write the Registration Reference ID, Applicant Name and NRIC/FIN number at the back of the cheque. When you have completed required details, you may mail the cheque here.

Please note that an administrative charge of $15 will be imposed for any returned cheques from the bank or financial institution.

2. All successful applicants will be notified with a letter of confirmation via email.

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