Making Sense of Working Capital and Liquidity Management

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8 hours / 1 day

Friday, 9am to 6pm

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Introduction

There are many PMETs trust into supervisory and managerial roles due to their competence in their primary areas of responsibility like manufacturing, logistics and the likes. Some of these PMETs do not have basic training in finance or accounting but yet they do need such knowledge and skills to function in their roles. For entrepreneurs they have to master a whole set of skills and knowledge to be successful in their enterprise. Financial competence is definitely one of them. Many start-ups and SMEs fail to watch their cash flows and their working capital, and suffer a consequence of liquidity melt-down. There is a demand for basic skills and knowledge on how to make sense of working capital and liquidity for PMEs and entrepreneurs.

Course Objective

This course will provide non-finance executives and new executives who are placed into roles managing finance be equipped with a basic understanding on the role of working capital and liquidity management. They will gain a deeper level understanding on items such as near-cash assets, receivables, inventory, payables, short term financing and how such tools play out in their firm’s business, its impact on returns on capital and value creation.  Principles of finance theory will be introduced to associate working capital to returns on capital and value creation.

Case studies and exercises will be used to illustrate both the theoretical as well as the applied aspects of the course and to provide participants with hands on learning.

Course Outline

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

• Describe the core elements/components of working capital from financial statements and the asset conversion cycle concept;

• Describe and compute the effects that efficient working capital policies will have on default risk and returns on capital employed/equity value;

• Design optimal working capital solutions/policies within the parameters of an industry the firm is operating in;

• Describe the role of and the various forms of financing products available in managing working capital and their implications.

• Develop policies, decisions to optimise liquidity management in order to minimise default risk and maximise returns to the firm.

Suitable for

PMEs and entrepreneurs who have little or no skills and knowledge in working capital and liquidity management.

Minimum Entry Requirement / Assumed Skills and Knowledge

GCE N Levels and Above.

Participants should have a good grasp of simple mathematics and the workings of a business enterprise.


A Certificate of Performance (electronic Certificate will be issued) will be awarded to participants who pass the assessments and meet at least 75% attendance rate.



Course Fees payable:

Singapore Citizens aged below 40 and Singapore PRsSingapore CitizensOthers
Non-SME sponsored1Sponsored by SME2Aged 40 and above
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(incl. GST)
(incl. GST)
(incl. GST)

Singaporeans aged 25 years and above may use **SkillsFuture Credit balance to offset respective course fees.
1 Under the Enhanced Training Support for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Scheme. For more information, click here Please submit the attached “Declaration Form for Enhanced Training Support Scheme for SME” together with your online application.
2 Under the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy. For more information, visit the SkillsFuture website here.

Funding Incentives

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Application Procedure

1. All applications must be made via Online Registration at
Course fees can be paid by the following payment modes:

a) Credit Cards, Internet Banking, NETS (Not Applicable for company sponsored)
For e-payment using Visa/Master cards and Internet Banking, please click on the ‘Make e-Payment’ button on the acknowledgement page to proceed.

b) For NETS payment, you can pay at:
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c) Cheques
Please make cheques payable to “Singapore Polytechnic”. Do cross the cheque and write the Registration Reference ID, Applicant Name and NRIC/FIN number at the back of the cheque. When you have completed required details, you may mail the cheque here.

Please note that an administrative charge of $15 will be imposed for any returned cheques from the bank or financial institution.

2. All successful applicants will be notified with a letter of confirmation via email.

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