Principles and Practices in Immunohaematology

Course Date:

Registration Period:

55 hours 

6.30pm to 9.30pm

Mode of Training:
Facilitated Learning (F2F) and Practical Training

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Introduction

Immunohaematology, also known as blood banking is an area of specialization in laboratory medicine that focuses on the study of antibody-antigen reactions in pre-transfusion testing for selection of compatible blood and blood components to ensure blood transfusion safety.

Course Objective

This course aims to equip working medical laboratory technologists with current technical knowledge and practical skills in key areas of blood banking which includes pre-transfusion testing, blood and blood components and clinical aspects of transfusion therapy. Quality assurance in blood banking practices will be emphasized to raise learner’s awareness on the importance of blood transfusion safety.

Course Outline

1. Basic principles in serology
2. Human blood group systems
3. Application of laboratory techniques in immunohaematology
4. Adverse blood transfusion reactions
5. Blood and blood products
6. Quality assurance in blood banking practices
7. Theory and Practical Test

Suitable for

Professional medical technologists working in MOH registered healthcare facilities.

Minimum Entry Requirements / Assumed Skills and Knowledge

Diploma and Degree Holder:
- Diploma in Biomedical Science, Biotechnology or equivalent;
- Degree or Higher degree in Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Life Science, Biological Science or equivalent;
- NITEC (GPA 3.5 and above) or Higher NITEC with relevant qualification or working experiences will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
- Letter of Support from a licensed healthcare facility must be submitted

Award / Certification / Accreditation

• Certificate of Performance (electronic Certificate will be issued)
A Certificate of Performance will be awarded to participants who pass the examination and meet at least 75% attendance rate

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Others (Full fees payable)$0.00$1,284.00 

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