SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate

5G Industry Practitioner Series  

5G networks will be the backbone of Singapore’s digital economy. Building upon this foundation, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) will continue to forge strong partnerships with the industry to build sustainable 5G business use cases, and develop strong manpower capabilities to utilise 5G technologies, thus paving the way for a vibrant 5G ecosystem in Singapore.

As a start, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is appointed to be the 5G and Telecoms Programme Manager (PM) together with National University of Singapore (“NUS”) by IMDA. The consortium will be the strategic partner of IMDA to develop and coordinate the supply of quality trainings to meet industry demand and individual aspirations, and enable Singaporeans to take on 5G jobs.  

Co-developed with industry leader Ericsson, the SP-Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner series consists of 4 courses: Overview, Radio Access Network, Core Network and Cloud & Virtualization.  Developers have carefully curated a highly relevant set of vendor-agnostic content to achieve: 

- Practical hands-on sessions given SP’s exclusive access to live 5G network via 5G Garage co-location facility 
- Up-to-date use case examples and applications of the 5G technology learning due to the close collaboration with Ericsson 
- In-demand industry training of 5G knowledge and skills due to SP’s extensive industry partner network across multiple industry domains and sectors

Participants will be introduced to the 5G technology, drivers and trends, keeping in view how it aligns to the Singapore’s vision to be a global front-runner for innovation in 5G applications and services, supported by a thriving 5G innovation ecosystem as well as a high-performance, secure and resilient 5G infrastructure. If you are looking to extend your 5G knowledge and skills for the rising wave of demand, now is the time start your journey by joining these courses. 

Course Outline: 

In collaboration with industry leader Ericsson, this 5G Industry Practitioner Series Programme 

- Equip learners with relevant knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of 5G technology and 5G technology drivers from vendor agnostic approach 
- Equip learners with basic knowledge and skills required in the various industries in the 5G ecosystem to function different roles ranging from associate level to management level. 
- Equip participants with up-to-date use case examples and applications of 5G by tapping on Ericsson’s local and worldwide experiences 
- Participants will receive first-hand experience on 5G with practical hands-on sessions on a live 5G network 
- Is mapped to engineering and technology-based job roles such as Software Engineer, Radio Frequency Engineer, Automation & Orchestration Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, SysOps Engineer, Network Engineer, etc. 
- Is designed with reference to the Infocomm Technology Skills framework. 

It consists of 4 bite-sized modules. 
After completing the Overview module, each module can be taken independently.

SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of Module 1 and any two of Module 2 - 4. 

ModuleModule Title More Detail Full Training Duration
15G Industry Practitioner (Overview) Click Here16 hours*
25G Industry Practitioner (Radio Access Network)Click Here16 hours*
35G Industry Practitioner (Core Network)Click Here16 hours*
45G Industry Practitioner (Cloud & Virtualisation)Click Here16 hours*

*Written assessment

Suitable for

• Professionals who would like to seek a career involved in adopting, deploying and developing various applications using 5G technology in the digital economy. 

• Engineers and technicians from various disciplines of engineering who would like to gain an overview on 5G technology and 5G technology drivers. 

• Business and Technical personnel who would like to gain professional recognition for their competencies by receiving the SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate. 

Minimum Entry Requirement

Participants should possess basic computer literacy in software and programming

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Criteria to Award of SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate: 

For each module with written assessment, participants must obtain a minimum score of 50% to pass. 

A Certificate of Performance will be awarded to participants who pass the assessment for each bite-sized module and meet at least 75% attendance rate. 

Upon successful completion of Module 1 and any two of module 2 - 4 stated above, it will lead to the award of a SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate. 

(For participants who did not pass the assessment but meet at least 75% attendance rate, a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.)

SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate will be awarded to participants upon completion of 5G Industry Practitioner (Overview) with 2 other courses in the 5G Industry course series. Please email the 3 electronic Certification upon completion to pace_shortcourse@sp.edu.sg to receive the SP Ericsson 5G Industry Practitioner Certificate.