Earn and Learn Programme leading to Part-Time Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology)


The Energy and Chemical sector in Singapore, which employs 26,000 people, was the top contributor to Singapore’s manufacturing output in 2015 at 28.6%. The flourishing industry is also one of the top ten global chemicals hub. Sub-sectors of the E&C include petroleum, petrochemicals as well as specialty chemicals. Due to the strong presence of the energy and chemical companies in Singapore, the demand for maintenance technicians remains high. To better support the demand of process manufacturing plant at the diploma level, the Earn and Learn Programme (ELP) targeting ITE graduates is proposed as one of the ways to increase the pool of trained talents in this industry by equipping them with the required skillsets.

Course Objectives
This Earn and Learn Programme (ELP) aims to provide fresh graduates from Institute of Technical Education with the knowledge and skills to undertake job responsibilities of a maintenance specialist in process manufacturing plant or related industry.

Suitable for
The SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme is for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who are Fresh Nitec/Higher Nitec graduates from one of the ITE in Singapore who wish to pursue a career in the Energy and Chemical sector in Singapore.


Minimum Entry Requirements
Applicants should have an ITE Nitec with GPA ≥ 2.0 or Higher Nitec qualification in an engineering discipline.

Applicants with other equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis. The participant shall be an ITE Nitec or Higher Nitec graduate within 5 years of graduation or within 5 years from his last day of National Service (ORD).

Applicants must be an employee of the Energy and Chemical sector or related industries participating in the Earn and Learn Programme.
Applicants must ensure they do not suffer from colour appreciation and hearing deficiencies or medical conditions such epilepsy. In the interest of general safety, admission of these applicants is at the discretion of Singapore Polytechnic.

Course Outline
Each MC will consist of 3 modules and the details are as follows:

MC 1 - Certificate in Engineering Mechanics & Materials (EMM)
Module 1 - Statics & Dynamics
Module 2 - Mechanics of Materials and Machines
Module 3 - Engineering Materials

MC 2 - Certificate in Thermofluid Engineering (TFE)
Module 1 - Thermofluid Systems
Module 2 - Thermofluid Power
Module 3 - Engineering Thermodynamics

MC 3B - Certificate in Industrial Plant Engineering (IPE)
Module 1 – Plant Maintenance Engineering
Module 2 – Industrial Engineering
Module 3 – Fluid Mechanics

Upon completion of the ELP, participants have the option to complete the remaining 2 Modular Certificates below to obtain a Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology)

MC 4 - Certificate in Engineering Drafting & Design (EDD)
Module 1 - Computer-Aided Drafting
Module 2 - Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
Module 3 - Machine Elements & Mechanisms Design

MC 5 - Certificate in Automation Technology (AMT)
Module 1 - Industrial Automation
Module 2 - Mechanical Assembly Process
Module 3 - Mechanics of Machine Elements

Click here for Module Synopsis

Award / Certification / Accreditation
Upon completion of ELP & 2 additional MC, the participant will be conferred Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology) from Singapore Polytechnic.


Course Fees

Earn and Learn Programme leading to Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology)
Certificate in Engineering Mechanics & Materials$595.13$1,587.02$409.73
Certificate in Thermofluid Engineering$595.13$1,587.02$409.73
Certificate in Industrial Plant Engineering$545.54$1,454.77$375.59
Total Course Fees:$1,735.81$4,628.82$1,195.06

The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review. Module Certificate fee is payable on a semester basis.


Other Fees Payable:

Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS)$0.94$0.94
Examination Fee-$16.05
Miscellaneous Fee
Insurance Fee (GPA)$1.70$1.70
Students' Union Entrance Fee
(one-time payment upon enrolment)
Students' Union Subscription Fee$4.50*

*Not subjected to GST

- The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- Module Certificate Fee is payable on a semester basis.

Refund Policy:
- Withdraw within 2 weeks before semester commencement, 70% refund of paid course fee.
- Withdraw on or after date of semester commencement, no refund of paid course fee.
Please note that other fees paid are non-refundable. 

Date of Course Commencement:
Oct 2019

Application Procedures
Please download and complete the ELP Participation Form and submit together with your resume.

Class Schedule
Up to 3 evening per week
6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

ELP - 18 months
900 hours (2.5yr)


Email: ptenquiry@sp.edu.sg

For course specific details, please contact the course manager:
Name: Mr Wan Kok How
Email: WAN_Kok_How@sp.edu.sg

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