Work-Study Certificates leading to part-time Diploma in Engineering (Electrical – Rapid Transit Technology)

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP) is a work-study programme designed to give fresh full-time Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Nitec/Higher Nitec graduates in Singapore a head-start in careers related to their discipline of study. It provides them with more opportunities, after graduation, to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in school, and better supports their transition into the workforce.

Who is it for?

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP) is for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who are Fresh Nitec/Higher Nitec graduates from one of the ITE in Singapore.

Working adults in the Rapid Transit industry who wish to pick up specialised skills and knowledge should consider our non-WSP courses like the Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology)

How does it work?

You will be matched with a job related to your discipline of study and undergo a 18 months structured training programme, depending on the sector and job requirements. The programme includes facilitated learning, on-the-job training and work-based projects, to allow you to deepen your skill sets at the workplace. Assigned mentors at the company will guide you and provide support in your continual skills development. You will also enjoy a well-structured career progression pathway, in line with the company’s talent development plan. At the end of the programme, you will receive an industry-recognised certification.


Singapore is expanding its network of rapid transit lines and there will be a need for more skilled personnel to maintain and manage its systems. According to the Land Transport Master Plan 2013, the length of the rail network will double, from 178km in 2012 to 360km by 2030, and the intervals between trains will shorten from 120 seconds to 100 seconds during peak hours. At the same time, 112 trains and train-cars will be added to the existing fleet of 253.

To support this growing demand from the public transport sector, this course aims to train skilled personnel such as technical officer and assistant engineer for mass rapid transit or rail related industry.

Course Objectives

This Work-Study Programme (WSP) aims to provide fresh graduates from Institute of Technical Education with the knowledge and skills to undertake job responsibilities of a technical officer or assistant engineer in signalling or rolling stock.

Suitable for

The course is suitable for Nitec or Higher Nitec graduates from Institute of Technical Education who wish to pursue a career in the Rapid Transit Sector.

Past and Current Participating Companies

- SMRT Trains Ltd

Minimum Entry Requirements

Applicant must be Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident of Singapore, and shall be a graduate from Full-time ITE NITEC/ Higher NITEC within 36 months of graduation or from his last day of ORD. SP will evaluate individuals who have graduated for more than 36 months but within 5 years from the date of gradation or ORD on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants should have an ITE Nitec with GPA ≥ 2.0 or Higher Nitec qualification in an engineering or information technology discipline.

Applicants must also not suffer from serious colour appreciation deficiency and they shall be an employee of the rapid transit sector (such as SBS Transit or SMRT) participating in the Work-Study Programme (WSP).

Participants must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore.

Course Outline

This course consists of 5 modular certificates (MC).

The first 18-month of the course is a SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP) comprising 3 Modular Certificates where trainees go through classroom facilitation and On-the-Job Training (OJT) to deepen relevant occupational and industry knowledge and skills. The first modular certificate (MC1) will be conducted by the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering while the other two modular certificates (MC2 and MC3) will be conducted by SBS Transit or SMRT for their respective employees, as part of the work-study or on-the-job-training (OJT) programme.

Participants have the option to complete two additional modular certificates after the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP) to obtain a Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology). The course structure for the WSP and DEERT programme is shown below.

Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology)
30 months or 2.5 years

Work-Study Programme
18 months

Two more MCs to complete DEMRT
12 months

MC1 + OJT (MC2 & MC3)



The assessment for OJT (MC2 and MC3) will be based on competency standards for the WSQ Certificate in Rapid Transit System Engineering set by SBS Transit or SMRT for their respective employees.

The assessment for MC1, MC4 and MC5 will be based on coursework (e.g. written tests and practical work).

Work-Study Programme
MC1: Certificate in Electrical & Digital Circuit Fundamentals
Module 1 Electrical Principles
Module 2 Digital Principles

MC2 and MC3 will be conducted by SBS Transit or SMRT

SBS Transit
Rolling Stocks Track
WSQ Interpret Rapid Transit operations & its environment
Apply WSH Policy
WSQ Corrective Maintenance (CM) of Passenger Train
WSQ Schedule Maintenance (SM) of Passenger Train

Signalling Track
WSQ Preventive Maintenance of Trackside ATC equipment (include modem)
WSQ Preventive Maintenance of Radio Transmission System (IAGO)
WSQ Preventive Maintenance of Beacon
WSQ Trainborne ATC Preventive Maintenance
WSQ Understand Basic Signalling Systems
WSQ Signal Light Preventive Maintenance
WSQ Station Signal equipment Preventive Maintenance (include HWTW, ESP)
CBI Preventive Maintenance
WSQ Perform Preventive Maintenance of Track Circuit (CVCM)
WSQ Point Machine Preventive Maintenance

Rolling Stocks Track
Apply Basic Electrical Safety
Carry out Corrective Maintenance on Passenger Trains
Carry out Schedule Maintenance on Passenger Trains
Maintain Electric Multiple Unit Mechanical Equipment
Maintain Electric Multiple Unit Electrical Equipment

Signalling Track
Apply Basic Electrical Safety
Understand Basic Signalling Systems
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Point Machine
Perform Signal Light Preventive Maintenance
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Station Signal Equipment
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Trainborne ATC Equipment
Maintain Trainborne Train Control Equipment
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Signal Interlocking System
Maintain Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) System
Maintain Train Supervisory System
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Trackside Auto Train Control Equipment
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Track Circuit
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Radio Transmission System
Perform Preventive Maintenance of Beacon

For Participant who wish to continue and obtain the Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology)

MC4 Certificate in Electrical Systems
Module 1 Electrical Installation & Power Distribution
Module 2 Electrical Power Systems

MC5 Certificate in Communication Systems
Module 1 Digital Communications
Module 2 Networks & Protocols

Please click here for Module Synopsis

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of WSP & 2 additional MC, the participant will be conferred Diploma in Engineering (Electrical – Rapid Transit Technology) from Singapore Polytechnic.

Course Fees

Work-Study Certificates leading to part-time Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology)


(for SC)*


(for PR)**

Certificate in Electrical & Digital Circuit Fundamentals$612.47$1,633.25$421.67 $488.45
Certificate in Train Mechanical System /
Certificate in Automatic Train Control
$-$-$- $-
Certificate in Train Electrical System /
Certificate in Signal Interlocking & Maintenance
$-$-$- $-
Certificate in Electrical Systems$494.02$1,317.38$340.12 $393.98
Certificate in Communication Systems$494.02$1,317.38$340.12 $393.98
Total Course Fees:$1,600.51$4,268.02$1,101.91$1,276.42

*SC - Singapore Citizens

**PR - Permanent Residents

Other Fees Payable:

Examination Fee-$16.05
Miscellaneous Fee$7.49$7.49
Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS)$1.01$1.01
Insurance Fee (GPA)$1.70$1.70
Students' Union Entrance Fee (one-time payment upon enrolment)$5.00*(non-refundable)$5.00*(non-refundable)
Students' Union Subscription Fee$4.50*(non-refundable)$4.50*(non-refundable)

*Not subjected to GST

- The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- Module Certificate Fee is payable on a semester basis.

Refund Policy:

- Withdraw within 2 weeks before semester commencement, 70% refund of paid course fee.
- Withdraw on or after date of semester commencement, no refund of paid course fee.
Please note that other fees paid are non-refundable.

Date of Course Commencement:

Application Procedures

Please click here to submit the WSP Participation e-Form, and resume (if applicable).

Class schedule:

WSP - 18 months
Diploma - 900 hours ( 2.5 years)


For course specific details, please contact the course manager:
Name: Mr Tan Bee Teck

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