Advanced Manufacturing

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial IoTAdditive Manufacturing Professional Certificate CourseAdvanced 2D AutoCAD
Application of Robotics
Advanced Manufacturing Lead - AMLeadAdvanced Machining Processes
Appreciation of IoT and Data ManagementApply Continuous Process Improvement Techniques 
Autonomous Robots and Computer Vision
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Implementation and Applications
Basic CAD modelling using CATIA
Collaborative Robot Cell Integrated with Vision for Shop Floor Applications
Building an IoT (Internet of Things) Project
Collaborative Robots Programming and Applications
Computer Aided Design & Digital Fabrication
Company and Workforce Transformation - Business Needs Analysis 
Computer Controlled Machining
Company and Workforce Transformation - Digital Transformation 
Designing & Programming with Smart Electronics
Company and Workforce Transformation - Operations & Technology Road-Mapping 
Digital Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing
Company and Workforce Transformation - Process Improvement 
Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
Company and Workforce Transformation - Project Management 
Digitalisation of Product Development - Foundation
Digitalisation of Product Development - Intermediate 
Essentials of 3D Modelling and Drawing with Autodesk Inventor
Engineering Practice for Digital Transformation
Essentials of Basic Networking, Database and Web Applications for Advanced Manufacturing
Horizontal Integration - Opportunities & Challenges
Essentials of Computer-Aided Manufacturing Using SolidCAMI4.0 Learning Journey with SIRI 
Implementing Industrial Internet of Things for Shop Floor
Industrial Additive Manufacturing for Practitioners
Industry 4.0 Vertical Integration from Shop-floor to Top-floor
Industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) Navigation and Planning via ROS
Introduction to 5G Technology and Applications
Industrial Robotised Polishing
Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
Integrated Learning Journey for Advanced Manufacturing (i4.0)
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
Integrated Product Lifecycle Processes - Opportunities & Challenges
Introduction to Digital Workplace Transformation
Internet of Things(IoT) Systems and Applications
Introduction to Industrial Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Introduction to Infrared Thermography
IoT and Hybrid Mobile App Development
Introduction to Structural Simulations using Solidworks Simulations
IoT for Electronics industry
Managing Quality and Safety in Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Project-Based Workplace Learning in Manufacturing
Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for Advanced Manufacturing
Sensor Technology and Traceability for Digital Manufacturing
Operationalising Additive Mfg: Comprehensive overview (Processes/Codes/Stds/QC&QA and Certification)
SolidWorks – 3D Modelling and Drawing
Practical Approach to Cloud Computing
Technology and Applications of Digital Transformation and Robotics
Practical Approach to Wireless and Computer Networks

Prioritizing Digitalization in Manufacturing for Post COVID-19

Robot Operating System Industrial (ROS-I)

Robotics and Automation Application

Structural Analysis using ANSYS FEA for Engineering Applications

Vertical Integration and Operations Processes – Opportunities & Challenges

Vibration Analysis using ANSYS FEA and Vibration Measurement for Engineering Applications

Wafer Fabrication in Semiconductor Industry

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