Data Analytics

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Automating Data Processing With Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)Analytics and Computational Modelling 
Big Data AnalyticsAnalytics with KNIME – A Practical Approach 
Company and Workforce Transformation - Data Discovery
Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture
Data Analytics for Electronics Industry
Business Needs Analysis - a Data-Driven Approach 
Data Analytics for Industrial Applications
Company and Workforce Transformation - Data Analytics
Data Analytics Project Scoping
Company and Workforce Transformation - Data Visualisation
Data Analysis using Python
Customer Feedback Analysis – A Natural Language Processing Approach 
Data Analytics Using R
Data and Statistical Analytics for Land Transport Industry (Intermediate)  
Data Visualization Using Tableau
Data and Statistical Analytics (for Land Transport Industry)
Data Visualization with Python
Data Engineering for effective Data Analytics
Essential Statistical Analysis
Data Visualization Implementer
Essentials of Google Analytics
Data Visualization with Qlik
Fundamental Data Analysis Using Excel 2016
Driving HR Innovation through Design Thinking, HR Analytics and HR Technology (DHRI)
Fundamentals of Applied Quantitative Data Analytics using R
Intermediate Computer Vision 
Fundamentals of Data Analytics
Intermediate Visual Analytics Using Power BI
Fundamentals of Data Architecture, Governance and Strategy
Introduction to Data Engineering
Geospatial 101
Python Programming for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Introduction to Data Analytics and Applications
Strategies for effective Data and Information Management
Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis and Visualization  
Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Maintenance  
Predictive Analytics  
Visual Analytics using Power BI