The 10th DT|UX Summit aims to help both private and public players consider issues and strategies that can be used to design an enhanced user experience across the multiple sectors and industries as they continue to be disrupted by game changers on many fronts.

Be at the forefront of an organisation that is looking for innovative ways to enhance user experiences by learning how we can leverage emerging tech and the changing attitudes that consumers have towards the externalities of these rapid developments. We will have Prof Craig Vogel who is one of the US most admired design educators, Ms Emily Ong who is the Deputy Executive Director of DesignSingapore Council, Dr Joanne Yoong who is an economist noted for her work on Behavioural Insights, Mr Chooake Wongwattanasilpa who is the Head of Design at DBS Bank and Ms Maggie Lee who is the Market Transformation Lead in Singapore for World Wide Fund for Nature. Together they will be sharing with you their perspective and experience on how we can enhance user experiences in this age of rapid technological change during the morning plenary session. 

Admission to the morning plenary session will be complimentary. Each afternoon breakout session will cost $50 and will include a buffet lunch and tea-break.


PM BREAKOUT SESSION 1:30PM-5:00PM ($50 before GST)

Lunch and tea-breaks will be provided.

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 AM BREAKOUT SESSION (9.00am - 12.30pm) (Capacity: 1000)

Opening Address by PECO

Prof Craig M VogelPROF CRAIG M. VOGEL is the director of the Center for Design Research and Innovation in the college of Design Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) in the University of Cincinnati (UC). He is co-author of the book, Creating Breakthrough Products, Financial Times, Prentice Hall, with Professor Jonathan Cagan. He is one of three authors of the book on innovation and organic growth, “Design of Things to Come”, released in June 2005. During the last 25 years Professor Vogel has been a consultant to over 20 companies and advised and managed dozens of research projects and design studios collaborating with industry. He was recognized, in the 2008 Design Intelligence publication, listing the best design and architecture schools, as one of the most admired design educators in the US.

MS EMILY ONGMS EMILY ONG is the Deputy Executive Director, DesignSingapore Council. She leads the various programme and corporate teams in developing policies and strategies to implement the recommendations under Design 2025 Masterplan, which aims to make Singapore an innovation-driven economy and a loveable city by design.  Emily has 25 years of professional experience spanning the arts, media, design and infocomm in the private and public sectors. She started her career in advertising and marketing with Miller Freeman and Singapore Press Holdings in the media sector. In 2002, Emily made a switch to the public service, starting out as an arts and heritage policy officer at the then-Ministry of Information and the Arts. She has also had stints in the Economic Development Board, Media Development Authority, Ministry of Communications and Information and now with the DesignSingapore Council. Emily spearheads policies and initiatives, as well as works with companies, schools, professional bodies and individuals to grow the arts, media, design and infocomm sectors in Singapore. During this time, Emily has been involved in formulating and developing major masterplans such as the Arts & Culture Strategic Plan, Infocomm Media 2025 and Design 2025 Masterplan

MR CHOOAKE WONGWATTANASILPAMR CHOOAKE WONGWATTANASILPA is the Managing Director, Head of Design at DBS Bank. He works with Consumer Banking and Wealth Management teams to make finance more understandable and actionable for non-Bankers. He focuses on helping DBS to be a customer-driven company, including exploring human-centered design and how strong collaboration between product, design, and engineering helps to make great products. Previously, he helmed the UX & Design teams at PayPal APAC (2010-2014), PayPal HQ (2006-2010), Motorola (2006), and Morningstar (2000-2006). He began his career as an interaction Designer at Morningstar in Chicago, where he designed with data, an early stage of financial tools and data on the Internet (.NET and CD-ROM era).

MS MAGGIE LEEMS MAGGIE LEE currently leads the Market Transformation effort in Singapore for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). After working in the retail and fast-moving consumer goods industry in moguls such as Aeon Group, Nestle and P&G, Maggie has been keen on creating sustainable solutions for Asia. She currently manages the secretariat for the Support Asia for Sustainable Palm Oil (SASPO.org), Plastic ACTion (PACT), and Responsible Seafood Group. She is consulted for cross-sector, multinational efforts on sustainable businesses.

DR JOANNE YOONGDR JOANNE YOONG is an applied economist working at the intersection of behavioural economics, health and financial decision making, and socioeconomic development. Dr. Yoong’s primary appointment is as Senior Economist at the University of Southern California, where she directs the offices of the Center for Economic and Social Research in Singapore and Washington DC, and is a principal member of the USC Behavioural Economics Studio. Dr Yoong is also a visiting associate professor at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University Hospital, an honorary senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and an adjunct economist at the RAND Corporation. She has previously held positions as Associate Professor of Health Systems and Behavioural Sciences at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and the Director of the Center for Health Services and Policy Research at the National University Hospital System.  Dr Yoong serves on various national and international policy advisory committees, including the OECD/International Network for Financial Education Research Committee.

MR ALEXANDER LAUMR ALEXANDER LAU, Principal Design Lead, Innovation Lab, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office will be moderating the DT|UX plenary session. A veteran design professional with more than 25 years’ experience, Alexander owned and led award-winning multi-disciplinary design consultancies, working with international clients in the transportation, military, healthcare, security, hospitality, wellness, food and beverage and retail industries. The projects range from strategy and conceptualization for value creation, all the way through to production optimisation and project management. Alexander advocates for human-centric, collaborative and experimental mindsets in the design of government policies and services. He is applying his skills and experience to build capabilities and capacity in design-led public sector innovation.

Panel Discussion


PM BREAKOUT SESSION (1.30pm - 5.00pm)

Each afternoon breakout session will cost $50 (before GST) and will include one tea-break.



Director, Center for Design Research and Innovation

Executive Director, Live Well Collaborative


How to Integrate New Methods and Strategies into Health and Wellness (Capacity: 30 pax)
Using case studies; the workshop will describe methods and processes using co-design with all stakeholders to develop solutions in human centered empathic healthcare as part of the emerging global digital service economy.
Sarah Elgazzar

Senior Policy Advisor – Research for Impact


Principles of Behavioural Economics for Policy and Practice (Capacity 30 pax)

This workshop will provide participants with a brief introduction to the field, including
1) A background to the field of behavioural economics and why bringing psychology, economics and behavioural sciences together is important for design
2) A framework for understanding common biases and heuristics that affect behavior
3) A taxonomy of “nudges” or interventions that leverage such biases/heuristics to achieve cost-effective behavior change
4) A critical understanding of this approach and the technical, practical as well as ethical challenges related to implementation


Market Transformation Lead, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)


Where is the holy grail for the plastic problem? (Capacity: 25 pax)
Why have we no fast, simple panacea for the plastic problem? An end-to-end deep-dive into the plastic problem from packaging and the commodity, to the horrific marine litter pandemic will surface the issue. Unraveling the intertwined layers that comprise the plastic in nature problem, we can see where the pain points are across the plastic value chain.

Design Lead at Bain & Company


The MasterChef Approach to Design (Capacity: 35 pax)
Great design and experiences don’t just happen: they come about through a constant process of research and iteration—of trying, testing, and refining concepts. Imagine yourself cooking your first “aglio e olio”, and being the first time, you follow the recipe (a.k.a., a design framework), but it turns out bland (testing—and tasting—the results of your design). On your next attempt, you tried adding more salt and find that it lacks the spiciness (iterating your first refinement). Every time you cook, you refine and taste test until you perfect the dish. Ultimately, your greatest taste test is when you cook for guests and get feedback—good and bad—after which you iterate and improve again! The objective of this workshop will be on two things – first how can we shed light on the importance of translating research into insights and secondly how can we validate designs through user testing?



Course Chair, Singapore Polytechnic

Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic


Insights Discovery – Beginning your Journey (Capacity: 20 pax)
Insights Discovery is a lifelong system for improving workplace relationships and productivity. During the workshop, participants will have a glimpse of how Insights Discovery can be used to increase self-awareness and help colleagues to perform at their highest level.  The use of Insights Discovery can promote effective relationships at work, improve communication, decrease conflict, and leave more time to get the job done.  Participants will discover a common language which will support growth, both as an individual and as part of an effective team.


Senior Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic



Robotic Process Automation (Capacity: 15 pax)
Robotic Process Automation is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital system. This course will show how businesses can automate some of the internal process to bring about an improvement in productivity and get employees to move up the work value chain. Participants will be taught some basic skills to easily create useful RPA scripts to automate their own desktop processes, without coding or programming knowledge.

Note: Participants need to bring their personal laptops.


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Registration closed on 6 Sep 2019.

*Note: The entire registration process will take about 5 minutes. For enquiries, please email Christine_TEO@sp.edu.sg or call 6772 1488. For company registration of more than five participants, download this form.
For SP staff, please register via EASYS.

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