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SGUS Payment of Course fees using Skillsfuture Credit


Using SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) for SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programmes 

(Applicable to Singapore citizen aged 25 and above only)

You can use your SFC Top-Up and/or SFC Opening Credit to pay your course fees. SFC Top-Up is valid for five years. Any unused SFC Top-Up will lapse after 31 December 2025 while SFC Opening Credit has no expiry date.

These are the things you need to do in order to use your SFC to pay for your course fees.


Part A – Declare SFC claim amount, make e-payment for outstanding (if any) and download SFC supporting document in SP PACE Payment
Part B - Submission of Skills Future Credit (SFC) Claim via MySkillsfuture Portal > Login

Steps for PART A – Declaration of SFC claim amount in SP PACE Payment portal and Download SFC supporting document

Step 1: Go to SP PACE Payment Portal, enter your Registration Reference ID which can be found in your payment email, click on View Details.


Step 2:
i. Click to tick the “Claim SFC” box and enter the “SkillsFuture Credit Claim” amount that you wish to utilize.
ii. Click on Apply
iii. Click on “Download Supporting Document” to download a supporting document for Part B: Submission of Skills Future Credit (SFC) Claim.
iv. If you do not have any balance amount to pay after using SFC Credit, you may close the browser now and proceed to Part B: Submission of Skills Future Credit (SFC) Claim.
v. If you need to make payment for any balance amount after using SFC Credit,

• Select Credit/ Debit or eNets Debit from the *Payment Mode dropdown
• Click Pay Now to pay the balance amount using credit/debit card;
• For other payment modes (eg. PSEA), please refer to Payment Email for more details.
• After payment, please proceed to Part B: Submission of Skills Future Credit (SFC) Claim



Steps for PART B – Submission of SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) Claim via in MySkillsFuture Portal


Step 1: Login to MySkillsFuture Portal (Home | > Login, to submit your SFC claim before course start date.



Step 2: Search for the Course ID or Course Title based on the information  stated in your SFC Supporting Document (refer to Part 1 – Step 4 above)


Step 3: Enter the payment details from your SFC Supporting Documents (refer to the highlighted fields in the sample below)



Your SFC claim is subjected to SSG’s approval. The approved SFC amount will be disbursed to SP within 7 days after the course start date.