Application Forms


Declaration Form for Training Allowance
Applicable to ALL SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programmes Trainees 
Declaration of Undertaking by SGUS traineeApplicable to All SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programmes Trainees


Declaration of Undertaking By StudentApplicable to All students
Declaration of Undertaking by SGUS traineeApplicable to All SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programmes Trainees
Subsidy Declaration FormApplicable to Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) taking Part Time/Post Diploma only.
Not applicable to Singapore citizens or foreigners.
Guideline for photo to be submittedPlease refer to the guideline before submit your photo


Withdrawal Forms

Students intending to withdraw from their course of study must complete a prescribed “Withdrawal Form” and return it to the PACE Office as soon as possible.

Student shall settle all outstanding bills with the Polytechnic prior to withdrawal.

The portion of course fee to be refunded is based on when withdrawal form reaches PACE Office. For more information, click here.

Withdrawal FormWithdrawal Form



Change of Personal Particulars

DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE MUST ACCOMPANY THIS REQUEST. (E.g. For change of name/NRIC, show the original and submit a photocopy of the Deed Poll; for citizenship change from Malaysian to Singapore PR, show original and submit a photocopy of Blue NRIC and Re-entry Permit from passport.)

Those who inform PACE of their change of citizenship to Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) status after the commencement of a semester will pay the fees for Singaporeans or SPR with effect from the next semester. There shall be no refund of the difference of fees already paid.

Change of Address

Students who wish to update their mailing or residential addresses may login to the Student Portal to do so.

You may refer to the Student Portal User Guide for more information.

Replacement of Student Card

Students may request for student card replacement via Student Portal at a cost of $10.70 (after GST) per card.

You may refer to the Student Portal User Guide for more information.

Module Exemption Form

All applications have to be submitted before commencement of the new semester.

You should only apply for exemption for module(s) taken in the current semester.

Request form (Part-time Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Specialist Diploma, Diploma Conversion)

Certification Letter Request
- Student status
- Attendance summary
- Completion of modular certificate/post-diploma certificate/diploma
- Test/Exam timetable for exam leave application

Request Description – Cost (after GST)
Reprint of Academic Transcript - $10.70 per copy

Reprint of Modular Certificate (MC) - $21.40 per MC

Reprint of Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) - $21.40 per PDC

Replacement of Full Qualification Certificate * - $21.40 per certificate
*Only 1 replacement is allowed per graduate for each course completed

Syllabus (sent to Local Institution) - $10.70 per set

Syllabus (sent to Overseas Institution) - $21.40 per set

Resume Study Request Form

Please submit a Resume Study Request Form if you wish to resume your study in the coming semester.

Your request is subjected to course availability and approval.

Note that there will be no MOE course fee subsidy for repeated module(s).

Appeal Form for Failed Module

All appeal against a failed module should be lodged within 4 working days after the release of the semester results.

Appeals made after the deadline will not be entertained. Please note that only ONE such appeal can be lodged. No re-appeals are permitted.

No appeals will be accepted for re-grading of any module in which a student has passed.

* A non-refundable fee of S$26.75 (inclusive of GST) per failed module will be charged for the appeal.

Post-Diploma Programming Entrance Test Syllabus

For Specialist Diploma in Full Stack Web Development / Specialist Diploma in Mobile Apps Development Entrance Test(s)

Company Sponsorship Form

Submission ends 2 weeks prior to semester commencement for both new and existing students.

Higher Education Bursary

(Peviously known as MOE Bursary)


Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans
  • Subsidised full qualification part-time diploma students (Exclude advanced diploma, specialist diploma, diploma (Conversion), Work-Study Programmes (WSP), and modular courses.
  • Gross monthly Household Income (GHI) of immediate and non-immediate family member of $9,000 and below, or Per Capita Income (PCI) of $2,250 and below
  • Not a recipient of full scholarship (cover tuition fees and allowance) in the same academic year. 

Online bursary application will be open for four weeks starting from 3rd week after semester commencement. (Apr 2021 semester application period: 3 May 2021 till 31 May 2021) 


Application outcome will be released by end-Aug 2021.


Higher Education Bursary Quantum

PSEA form

Submission ends 1 week prior to semester commencement for both new and existing students.

If you are using your sibling's PSEA funds, please refer to the guide attached.

If you are using your own PSEA funds, please refer to the guide here.

Payment of Course Fees using SkillsFuture Credit

Applicable to Singapore citizen aged 25 and above. This is a guide on paying course fees using SkillsFuture Credit for MOE PT Diploma/Post-Diploma courses.


Appeal Form

Applicable to all participants


Assignment Cover Sheet for WSH Courses

Applicable to all WSH participants

Assignment Cover Sheet for SDOH

Applicable to all SDOH participants

Make Up Class Request Form

Applicable to all participants

PSEA form

Applicable to all participants

Appeal Form

Applicable to all participants

Change of Personal Particulars

Applicable to all WSH participants

Work-Study Programmes (WSP)

Sign-on Incentive Disbursement

Eligibility Criteria
- Singaporean
- The applicant shall be a graduate from Full-time Polytechnic Diploma/ ITE Technical Diploma/ ITE Technical Engineer Diploma within 5 years of graduation or within 5 years from his last day of National Service Operationally Ready Date (ORD).

WSP Participant Declaration Form

Applicable to all WSP participants


Change of personal particulars

Applicable to all ePACE participants 

MPA Medical form for STCW short coursesMedical fitness requirement by MPA prior to attending STCW courses 
SFC Top-Up ClaimFor SFC Top-Up Claim


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