Message to Graduating Class of 2020/2021

Important Notice For Graduation 2021

In line with the Phase 3- Heightened Alert nation stance from 08 May 2021 to 30 May 2021, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has released a media release on the strengthening of safe management measures (SMMs) for the continued safety and well-being of students and staff. MOE has advised that all polytechnic graduation ceremonies from 8 May 2021 will be converted to virtual ceremonies.

The Graduation Ceremony that was scheduled for 10 May 2021 will be converted to a virtual ceremony. Please do not come physically for the ceremony in SPCC. The live webcast ( of the graduation ceremony is available during the virtual graduation ceremony for the sessions listed below. You may also view the videos after the ceremony at the Graduation 2021 Gallery.  Please do not come physically for the ceremony in SPCC.

We will courier your certificates to you by batches. You will receive them by mid-June 2021. 

All PACE graduands are entitled to a refund for rental/purchase except where the gown has been damaged (the deposit fee will be retained by Serangoon Broadway).  The deadline for gown return at Serangoon Broadway is 16 May.  Do inform them that you are a PACE graduand and the staff will assist you accordingly with the refund.

Programme of the virtual ceremony

(Name of Graduands will be displayed)

If you need a Course Completion Letter for employment or further education purposes, please can email to  


The ceremony will be held at the SP Convention Centre (SPCC)

The graduation schedule may be revised.

Course titleDateDayTime
Diploma in Design (Visual Communication)10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Work-Study Post-Diploma leading to Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Marketing10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in User Experience & Digital Product Design10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma in Business Practice (Accounting)10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma in Business Practice (Business Management)10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma in Business Practice (Human Capital)10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Management Accounting & Analytics10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Professional Accounting10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Technology, Innovation & Analytics for Financial Sector Professionals10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma (Conversion) in Marketing Management with Digital Marketing10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma (Conversion) in Supply Chain Management & Innovation10/5/2021Monday9:00 AM
Diploma in Design (Interior Design)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Measurement & Contract Administration)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Building Information Modelling Management10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Maritime Superintendency10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma (Conversion) in Maritime Business Management10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Predictive Analytics)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Engineering (Control & Automation)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Engineering (Power Engineering)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology)10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Advanced Diploma in Process Control & Instrumentation10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Advanced Diploma in Power Engineering10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Advanced Diploma in Power System Engineering10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Biomedical Engineering10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Network Security10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Specialist Diploma in Digital Technologies for a Smart City10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma (Conversion) in Computer Networking10/5/2021Monday11:00 AM
Diploma in Applied Science (Chemical Laboratory Technology)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma in Applied Science (Industrial Chemistry And Life Sciences)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Advanced Diploma in Applied Food Science10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Advanced Diploma in Specialty Chemicals10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Cosmetic Science10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Microbiology10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Nutrition & Exercise Science10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma in Infocomm & Digital Media (Cyber Security)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security Management10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Big Data and Streaming Analytics)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Full Stack Web Development10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma in Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical - Rapid Transit Technology)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology)10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM
Specialist Diploma in Energy Management for Cleanroom Facility10/5/2021Monday1:30 PM




Graduands who wish to rent the graduation attire must return the attire directly to Serangoon Broadway by 16 May 2021 (Sunday).

For graduands who are unable to return the graduation attire personally, they may authorise someone to return it on their behalf.  Such graduands must download the authorisation form, complete it and ask the authorised person to return the attire directly to Serangoon Broadway by 16 May 2021 (Sunday).

When the graduation attire is returned to Serangoon Broadway, you will be required to produce the Graduation Attire Rental Receipt

PACE graduand is entitled a a refund for rental/purchase if the graduation attire is returned in good condition.  Your deposit will be forfeited if you do not return the attire by the stipulated deadline, or if the graduation attire is returned damaged. Do inform them that you are a PACE graduand and the staff will assist you accordingly with the refund. 


Important dates to take note if you are attending the Graduation Ceremony.

126 Mar to 03 Apr 2021Reserve a place for the Graduation Ceremony
The invitation email is sent to your personal email address
226 Mar to 03 Apr 2021Request for special seating arrangements for graduand
326 Mar 2020 to 19 Apr 2021

Settle outstanding Library Loans, Fines & Course Fees.

- Failure to do so will result in a delay in the collection of your academic transcripts and diploma certificate.

4From 01 Apr 2021Rental and collection of Graduation Gown
510 May 2021Virtual Graduation Ceremony
6By 16 May 2021Return Graduation Gown



Graduation Attire

All graduands attending the graduation ceremony are required to wear the graduation attire, consisting of a simple, one piece robe, without hood, cap or motar board.  Graduands can opt to either purchase or rent the graduation attire.




Graduands will have to order the graduation attire and make an appointment for the graduation attire collection at

The collection of graduation attire is from 01 April to 30 April 2021.  Do note that Serangoon Broadway will be closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.

Please follow the steps below to order the graduation attire and make appointment for the collection:

  • Go to Serangoon Broadway homepage
  • Click on Login at the top-right of the homepage
  • Login using the following details:

Ceremony Code: SBSP0305 


  • For Gown Selection, please enter "Diploma" only.

Graduands may choose to make an appointment for the academic dress collection immediately after the submission of the academic dress order form OR at any other convenient time by logging in again.  Please note that if you have already submitted your academic dress order form online and would like to re-log in to book an appointment or make any changes, please log in using your student ID and mobile number instead of the generic username and password as above. 

Graduands may choose to either purchase or rent the graduation attire directly from Serangoon Broadway (from 01 April to 30 April 2021) at any time during their operating hours.

The charges for the sale and rental of graduation attire are as follows: 


Attire only  $45 ($48.15 inclusive of 7% GST)
Attire + garment bag  $55 ($58.85 inclusive of 7% GST)


Attire  $22 ($23.54 inclusive of 7% GST)
Refundable deposit+$25
Total Charges  $47 ($48.54 inclusive of 7% GST

Payment has to be made directly to Serangoon Broadway when you collect the attire.  The payment can be made in cash or by NETS.

Graduands who opt to rent the graduation attire are advised to keep their Graduation Attire Rental Receipt carefully as it will be needed when you return the attire.


Serangoon Broadway has been appointed by SP to supply and manage the rental and sale of graduation attire to graduands.  All graduands attending the graduation ceremony are required to go to Serangoon Broadway to try on and collect the attire.

Graduands who are unable to collect the graduation attire personally, may download and complete the Authorisation Form and appoint someone to collect the attire on their behalf. 

The authorised person must present the following to collect the graduation attire:

  • Duly completed and signed authorisation form
  • Graduand's student card or a copy of graduand's student card/NRIC/Passport
  • Authorised person's NRIC/Passport 


Serangoon Broadway, 
1365 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328244

Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm (Closed on 1 May 2021)

Graduation Hotline: 6293 3998 

Alternatively, please email Serangoon Broadway at


  • Serangoon Broadway staff will be present to advise you on your sizing.
  • Payment for the rental or purchase of the graduation attire has to be made upon collection of the attire.



All graduands attending the graduation ceremony are required to wear the graduation attire, consisting of a simple, one piece robe, without hood, cap or mortar board. Graduands can opt to either purchase or rent the graduation attire.

Graduands are advised to follow the guidelines below in order to look smart on your graduation day.

Male graduands are required to wear dark coloured tie.

White shirt/blouse with long sleeves and high collar.White shirt with long sleeves, high collar and dark coloured tie.
Dark coloured pants/skirt. Skirt should be knee-length or longer.Dark coloured rousers/pants. Bermudas, shorts, jeans and casual pants are not allowed.
Dark coloured court shoes/pumps. Open-toe/strappy/high-heel sandals, slippers, track shoes and sneakers are not allowed.Dark coloured shoes with socks. Slippers, sandals and track shoes are not allowed.
Graduands should have neat hairdo so that the face can be seen clearly during   photography.Graduands should have neat hairdo so that the face can be seen clearly during   photography.

As shown below, a common design and colour scheme will be adopted for all graduands.

The graduation attire will be available in a range of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.



If you are attending the Graduation Ceremony, the following information will be useful. Where applicable, please advise your guests accordingly. Thank you.


  • The SPCC is located next to the Dover MRT Station. See Campus Map
  • As parking facilities in the SP campus are limited, graduands and guests are strongly advised to come by public transport.
  • You may choose to come by:
    •    MRT- take the MRT and alight at Dover MRT Station (EW10), or
    •    Bus - take service no. 14, 74, 105, 106, 147, 166 or 185, and alight at the Dover MRT Station bus stop
  • Graduands and guests who drive are advised to enter by Gate 8, along Commonwealth Avenue West.
  • Note: Parking is chargeable at S$1.20 per hour.


  • Admission into the SP Convention Centre is strictly by admission ticket only.
  • Graduands are feeling unwell, or with temperatures of 38oC and above, are advised to stay at home.
  • The doors to the SPCC will be opened 30minutes before the start of each session.
  • Graduands who have indicated their intention to attend the graduation ceremony will be sent a Graduation Package about 1.5 to 2 weeks before the Graduation Ceremony. The package will contain a bar-coded admission ticket with assigned seat.


  • All graduands attending the ceremony have to wear the SP graduation attire.
  • Robing may be done at the level 2 foyer of the SPCC (SP Convention Centre).
  • Graduands should put on their graduation gowns before going to their assigned seats inside the SPCC Hall.


  • Graduands and guests are requested to be seated 15 mins before the official starting time of the ceremony.
  • During this period, a series of specially prepared videos will be screened in the SP Convention Centre.
  • The doors to the SP Convention Centre will be closed after the ceremony has officially started.


  • Graduands will be seated in separate seating blocks (zone 1 to zone 5)
  • Graduands will be assigned seat numbers and must be seated in their allocated seats.


  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the SPCC.
  • For safety reasons, balloons are not allowed in the SPCC as it may be a fire hazard.
  • During the ceremony, graduands are requested to switch their mobile phones and other beeping devices to silent mode.
  • Professional photographers have been engaged by SP to take photographs of graduands as they are being presented on stage.  Orders can be made online after the ceremony session.  Graduands are requested not to leave their seats during the graduation ceremony to take photographs or videos.
  • Please refrain from lingering inside the SPCC for photo-taking after the ceremony.  Your co-operation will be appreciated as the organisers need to prepare the venue for the next graduation session.
  • Graduands will be directed to the designated photo booths for photo taking


The proceedings for the ceremony will be as follows:

  • Academic Procession
  • National Anthem
  • Opening of Session by Master of Ceremony
  • Graduation Address by Guest-of-Honour
  • Presentation of Certificates and Diplomas
  • Presentation of Prizes and Awards
  • Closing of Ceremony


  • When it is your turn to be present on stage, the marshal will prompt you to join the queue.
  • Before joining the queue, you must have your admission ticket and NRIC/11B/passport ready in the pocket of your graduation gown/pocket.
  • Please follow the marshals' instructions and refrain from talking when queueing.
  • When you step on stage, hand your bar-coded admission ticket to the person in charge of scanning. Then stand at the line and wait for your name to be announced.
  • As your name is announced and projected on the screen, walk across the stage smartly and shake hands with the Director.
  • As you are presented with your scroll box, your photograph will be taken by official photographers engaged by the Singapore Polytechnic.
  • After receiving your scroll box, walk smartly down from the stage.
  • As you leave the stage, a login ID and password will be handled to you. Do not lose this card as you will need the information to place order for your photographs after the Graduation Ceremony.


  • After leaving the stage, you will be directed by marshals to the diploma collection area to collect your diploma/ certificate and academic transcript.
  • At the diploma collection area, you will be asked to produce your NRIC/11B/Passport. Diploma certificates and academic transcripts will not be issued without proof of identity.
  • After collecting your diploma certificate and academic transcript, please return to your seat inside the SP Convention Centre.


  • Please check that you have been issued with the correct diploma certificate and academic transcript before leaving the diploma collection area.
  • If there are any errors, please report it immediately to the staff on duty at the diploma collection centre or call the PACE Office at 6772 1288 after the Graduation Ceremony.


  • No Tea reception provided for Graduation Ceremony 2021.


Why Guest are not invited?

To protect our graduands, staff and campus community, and minimise the risk of transmission, the graduation ceremonies will be held over several days, capped at 250 participants each day, in zones of up to 50 persons. Thus, institutions would not be able to accommodate guests given the limited time available for the graduation ceremonies to take place.

Parents are invited to view the livestream of the event online and celebrate this milestone with us virtually.

Can I remain on campus after my Graduation Ceremony ends?

You are required to leave the campus immediately at the end of your graduation ceremony and photo taking session.

Do I have to check in to SafeEntry when I enter SP?

All persons entering SP’s premises must check-in to SafeEntry through either scanning their TraceTogether Token or via the QR code using the TraceTogether App on their smartphone.

Other SafeEntry check-in modes, such as using phone’s camera, SingPass Mobile or other QR code reader apps, or using NRIC/FIN and other photo IDs, will not be accepted.

What are the COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (SMM) during the Graduation Ceremony?

Graduands or graduands with household members who are serving SHN or on LOA would not be allowed to attend the ceremony.

 To ensure the health and safety of our graduates, the following measures will be observed throughout the duration of the Graduation Ceremony:

  • Temperature screening
  • SafeEntry via the TraceTogether Token or mobile application
  • Designated entrances to the SP Convention Centre  
  • At least 1m safe distancing must be observed between individuals
  • Graduates must be seated at their assigned seats only
  • Wearing of face mask at all times (unless otherwise specified)
  • No intermingling between zones at all times before, during and after the ceremony.

There will be designated photo-taking locations for each zone.  Safety ambassadors will be deployed to ensure Safe Management Measures are observed.

Q: Can I attend the Graduation Ceremony if I am or my household members are serving Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Graduands or graduands with household members who are serving SHN or on LOA would not be allowed to attend the ceremony.

Q: Would the Graduation Ceremony proceed as planned in the event that the community transmission rates were to increase in the period leading up to the Graduation Ceremony?

The health and safety of our graduands and staff remain our top priority. We will only conduct physical Graduation Ceremony provided it is safe to do so with the prevailing SMM in place. Any cancellations would be communicated prior to the ceremony.  Do check your emails and the graduation webpage regularly for updates.

Can I obtain my Diploma and Academic Transcript before the Graduation Ceremony?

No.  All graduands can only collect their diploma scroll and academic transcript at their respective Graduation Ceremony session. 

When will I receive the graduation package?

The package will be mailed to your correspondence address about 1½ weeks before the Graduation Ceremony.  Please note that the package will only be sent to graduands who have indicated that they will be attending the Graduation Ceremony.

Can I watch the graduation proceedings if I cannot attend graduation?

You may watch the live streaming at during the ceremony. 

The archived webcasts will be available after one working day at

(Note: Website will up by end April)

Can I request for a change in date for my graduation?

No.  Graduands must attend the session that they have been allocated to as you have been scheduled based on your course.

How can I order my graduation photos?

As you leave the stage, a login ID and password will be handed to you.  You will need the information to place orders for your photos online. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions about graduation matters?

You may contact the Customer Relation Unit (CRU) staff during office hours at 67721288.  Alternatively, you may e-mail us at

Will graduation ceremonies be held for the class of 2020?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure the continued safety and well-being of all members of the campus community, traditional graduation ceremonies were cancelled in 2020.


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