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The PFP is a one-year programme specially designed for the top 'N' Level (Academic) cohort. Instead of continuing with your 'O' Level examinations in Secondary 5, you can join SP as part of this programme to prepare yourself for your pre-selected diploma course.

When you enrol in the programme, you get a provisional place in SP, which means that you will need to pass a set of modules in the foundation year in order to progress onto the first year of your diploma course. But not to worry, you will be guided by a dedicated team of SP lecturers who will do their best to help you excel during the foundation year.


You will go through a one-year practice-oriented curriculum based on the track of the pre-selected diploma course.

English Foundation Language & Communication Skills
Culture, Aesthetics & Society
Mathematics Foundation Mathematics
Domain Cluster Physics Science for Everyday Living
Application Science Fundamentals of Enterprise Development
Fundamentals of Innovative Design
Fundamentals of Information Technology
General Education Active & Effective Citizenry
Sports Sports for Life
You should have heard from your seniors who are studying or have studied in SP how they have benefited from this unique learning journey. What makes us special?

  • Broad-based and practice-oriented curriculum
    Enjoy interesting and relevant subjects!
  • A vibrant campus environment
    You bet! We are constantly upgrading our environment to instill the mood to excel in you.
  • Design Thinking (DT)
    This is a new method of learning and teaching where you explore creative ways to develop solutions to your coursework or projects. SP is the only polytechnic to offer Design Thinking as part of the teaching of core subjects.
  • Small group teaching
    No one is left out.
  • Out-of-classroom experience
    Field trips, industry visits, workshops, and more.
  • Leadership camps
    We give you opportunities to be a leader.
  • Sports for Life programme
    We help you to develop a love for sports.
  • Personal tutor network and buddy system
    If you encounter problems, your personal tutor or senior students are always there to guide and motivate you. You are never alone in your SP journey.
  • Scholarships and awards
    Your hard work will be recognised and rewarded!
  • More than 100 Co-Curricular Activities
    Whether you prefer sports, music or arts, there is definitely a CCA that will interest you.

# Science & Technology Track

^ Non-Science & Technology Track


To be eligible to apply for the PFP, N(A) students must obtain:

  • ELMAB3 (English, Mathematics, Best 3 Subjects) raw aggregate score of 11 points or better (excluding CCA bonus points) at the GCE '‘N'’-Level examination; and
  • the following subject-specific requirements:


Subject Grade
English Language Syllabus A 3
Mathematics (Syllabus A/Additional) 3
One of the following subjects:
Food and Nutrition
Design & Technology
Science (Chemistry/Biology)
Science (Physics/Biology)
Science (Physics/Chemistry)
Any two other subjects (excl. CCA) 3

Applies to: All SP Diploma Courses offered via PFP except those listed in Group 2

Subject Grade
English Language Syllabus A 2
Mathematics (Syllabus A/Additional) 3
One of the following subjects:
Combined Humanities
Literature in English
Principles of Accounts
Any two other subjects (excl. CCA) 3

Applies To: Accountancy, Business Administration, Banking & Finance, Human Resource Management with Psychology, Tourism & Resource Management, Applied Drama & Psychology, Creative Writing for TV & New Media and Media & Communication.

Computation of Aggregate Scores
The following combinations of results can be used to compute the aggregate score:
  • GCE 'N(A)' level only
  • GCE 'N(A)' level + GCE 'O' level


1. Please note that eligibility to apply for PFP does not guarantee placement in the programme. Students placed on the PFP may or may not be posted to the course of his/her choice, subject to competition based on merit and the availability of places.

2. GCE 'O' level grades are converted to their 'N(A)' level grades using a conversion table set up by the Ministry of Education and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board:

"O" level Grade "N(A)" level Converted Score/Points
A1 - B3 1
B4 - C6 2
D7 3

*For the PFP, 'O' level grades of E8 and F9 will not be considered.

How to apply?

Students who are interested in applying to the PFP should first progress to Secondary 5 next year. Upon the release of the GCE 'O'-Level results in January, eligible N(A) students will receive a copy of Form P through their schools, inviting them to apply for the Polytechnic Diploma courses of their choice under the PFP.

Applications for the PFP will commence after the release of the GCE 'O'-Level results, at the same time as the annual Joint Admissions Exercise. A successful applicant will be posted to the corresponding PFP for the Diploma course that he/she has been offered a place in.

Application results will be released by end-January. Students should only withdraw from Secondary 5 after they have accepted a PFP offer.

Medical requirements of courses in SP
Code Course Medical Requirements
S88 Aeronautical Engineering It should be noted that applicants particularly those who wish to pursue a career as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE) who have severe colour vision deficiency, uncontrolled epilepsy and hearing deficiency may encounter difficulties meeting the course requirements and expectation.  Interested applicants with mild deficiencies in these areas are advised to contact Singapore Polytechnic for consultation.
S90 Aerospace Electronics
S99 Electrical & Electronic Engineering It should be noted that applicants, particularly those who wish to pursue a career in electrical power engineering or as a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW), with colour vision deficiency may encounter difficulties meeting the course requirements and expectation, as normal colour vision is required by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore. Those with mild colour deficiency are required to undergo an in-house test. Interested applicants with this condition are highly encouraged to contact Singapore Polytechnic for more information.
S45 Energy Systems and Management
S33 Engineering Systems
S63 Marine Engineering All applicants must pass the colour vision test as per The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).
S67 Optometry Applicants with severe vision impairment may encounter difficulties meeting the course requirements and expectations. Please refer to the Ministry of Health (MOH) website on "Fitness to Practice" for registered Optometrists. Interested applicants with this condition are highly encouraged to contact Singapore Polytechnic for more information.
Tuition Fees & Financial Assistance

The annual tuition fees for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme for AY2017 are as follows:
Nationality PFP Fees per Student
Singapore Citizens S$340
Permanent Residents S$2250
International Students* S$9300

*Fees for International students include GST. The Government will continue to absorb the GST payable by Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Various forms of financial support are available to SP students, to help them pay for tuition fees and with daily living expenses.

PFP students can also use funds in their Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA) to pay for tuition fees and other approved charges for enrichment programmes.

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Top FAQs

All Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students who intend to apply for the PFP should progress to Secondary 5 in January, even if they have met the PFP eligibility criteria based on their 'N'-Level results in December.

The PFP application window will open in mid-January for six calendar days, starting on the day of the release of the 'O'-Level Examination results. On the day of the release of the 'O'-Level Examination results, schools will issue an eligibility form to PFP-eligible students. The form contains a PFP PIN, which will allow students to log onto the PFP application website. Applications should be submitted online at https://pfp.polytechnic.edu.sg/PFP/pfp_application.html.

You will be notified via SMS when the posting results are ready, shortly after the end of the application period. You should then log into the PFP website to check the outcome of your application. All students who have been offered a place must indicate their acceptance within 3 days of the posting results. Students who have accepted a place in the PFP will not be provided a place in Secondary 5.

Yes. CCA bonus points are deducted from your ELMAB3 aggregate when you are considered for posting to a PFP course.

Assessment during the PFP will comprise coursework assignments, projects, class tests and/or end-of-semester examinations, to ensure that students will be able to cope with the rigour of the diploma course. Upon passing all PFP modules, students will be admitted to the first year of their pre-selected polytechnic courses.

Students are strongly encouraged to continue with the pre-selected diploma course which they are enrolled in.

All polytechnic graduates, including PFP students, may apply to the local universities upon completion of their polytechnic diploma. Applicants will be assessed based on their academic results, performance during the PFP (in lieu of the GCE 'O'-Levels), as well as any other academic and non-academic achievements presented for admission.

Interviews and aptitude tests may also be administered by the universities to which the students apply.


Course counselling will be available during Singapore Polytechnic's Open House /Joint Admissions Exercise(JAE) 2017.

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