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At School of Business (SB), we believe in letting you chart your own learning experiences and growth.  Our Year 1 students share a common curriculum, learning about essential business concepts and issues. If you need more time to decide on a business specialisation, you can join our Common Business Programme and choose your preferred diploma course (Accountancy, Business Administration, Banking and Finance or Human Resource Management with Psychology) at the end of the first year.

Beyond the core curriculum of your course, you have a choice of electives at various stages of your study.  Unlike required core modules, electives are classes you choose based on your interests.  You can choose electives to (1) deepen your skillset (e.g. certification/accreditation) or prepare yourself for further studies or (2) broaden your learning in areas not covered in your course.  We offer electives that cover a wide variety of topics, so you're sure to find some that interest you! 

Our lecturers will guide you along the way to help you make informed decisions. We enable you to become a Self-Made Achiever!

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