The course comprises 4 modules to be taught over 4 semesters. It will start in Semester 2 of Year 1.


1. Fundamentals of Economics

  • This module provides students with an overview of concepts and issues in both micro and macro economics. Topics include: basic economic concepts and market equilibrium, production, cost and market structure, national economy, government & its policies and international trade and finance.

2. Marketing Fundamentals

  • It introduces students to basic marketing principles and concepts. The topics covered include an overview of the marketing process, an appreciation of the marketing environment, an understanding of consumer behaviour, target market selection, as well as management of the marketing mix elements that include the 4P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

3. Introduction to Accounting

  • It provides students with an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of accounting. Significant areas are: double entry concept, the accounting process, financial statements of trading firms, basic costing concepts, cash flow statement appreciation, cost volume profit analysis and budgeting.

4. Essentials of Finance

  • The module provides students with a basic understanding of financial terms and concepts with specific emphasis on equipping them with the ability to read financial statements and reports.

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