Career prospects
SP Accountancy graduates have excellent job prospects and many graduates receive several job offers upon graduation. The combination of technical accounting and RPA skills with hands-on practical training ensure that our SP Accountancy graduates are work-ready and able to value-add to their organisations.

Our graduates can look forward to challenging and highly rewarding careers in areas such as Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Finance, Taxation etc. with reputable firms and companies.

Our graduates can choose to further their studies at reputable local and foreign universities that can grant them modular to full year exemptions. Besides an accountancy degree, our graduates may also pursue a degree in Economics, Business Administration, Psychology and Information Systems. Many of our graduates are admitted to the local autonomous universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT and SUSS) and credit their success to the strong foundations built in our Diploma in Accountancy course.



Opportunities for professional studies



Many graduates choose to study part-time and to gain working experience in the field concurrently. The international accounting firms offer sponsorship programmes for our graduates to pursue their professional accounting qualifications while working.

SP graduates are granted generous exemptions from various professional bodies.

SP graduates may also choose to pursue the part-time Specialist Diploma in Professional Accounting & Technology offered by SP. This course serves to deepen their technical knowledge and skills as required by the accountancy profession (in areas of International Financial Reporting Standards, auditing and taxation) as well as finance and technological skills needed by the profession. Graduates with this specialist diploma would be even better equipped for the accounting sector.

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