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DBID students will have multiple opportunities to interact with industry partners, from engaging and listening to exciting speakers and practitioners of business innovation, to visiting and learning first-hand how companies use innovation to transform their organisations. Students have multiple avenues to work on real client projects during their 3 years with the diploma, which culminates with 17 week in company internship with some of the best design thinkers in their respective fields.


Students will work on two full scale integrated client based projects in their 2nd and 3rd year of study respectively. The projects are designed to give students an opportunity to look at the challenges in a holistic manner, giving them a platform to see how various business modules leverage on each other to support the strategic plan or direction of the organisation. These projects require students to apply their design thinking skills and work collaboratively in teams to draw from each other’s individual strengths so as to create innovative and meaningful solutions for industry partners.


Photo Caption - Industry partners from NHGP engaging with DBID student teams during gallery walk.

"Students in the Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) had worked on a project that was sponsored by the National Health Group Polyclinics (NHGP) to uncover some needs of the patients and staff at a polyclinic. With increasing demand for a seamless user experience for both patients and staff, students had applied the design thinking methodology to conduct deep user interviews, on site and work observations to identify opportunities for them create new concepts that can help to enhance patient’s visit to the polyclinic. Some of the ideas that they had proposed included ways to engage elderly and their caregivers as they wait for their turn patients such as a mobile application that features both expected waiting time update as well as entertainment options. These ideas that students have put forth to NHGP were also informed by the user acceptability during the co-creation process that is very important in design thinking."

Tracy Gan

"Students in Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) course had worked on a project sponsored by Keppel Land, one of Asia’s premier property companies committed to providing innovative real estate solutions. In this project, the students collaborated with Keppel Land’s team to study and propose residential concepts that address the needs of families with young children while, at the same time, incorporate user-friendly features for elderly family members. Through extensive research of local and international trends and first-hand ethnographic studies of diverse families, students were able to create customisable concepts for residential developments which value-add to the property, some of which could potentially be implemented by Keppel Land. Though young and inexperienced, the students embraced the steep learning curve in this project, and with strong support from Keppel Land, the students gained a first-hand understanding of the dynamic and highly competitive real estate industry."

Mr Kenneth Lau


"During the 5 months of internship with KidZania Singapore, Alicia and Xin Hui has displayed great teamwork attributes and clear thought process in their work. We look forward to work with students from DBID course in the near future."

Mr James Loh 
HR Manager







"We are glad that both Deborah and Zeng Dong found their attachments with us enriching. It all boiled down to their attitude and interest as we tried to immerse them into our sales and marketing activities. We have benefited from their abilities to apply some of their knowledge into our activities"

Mr Oh Kah Lock
Director (Sales & Marketing)
Meiji Seika (Singapore) Pte Ltd







"We have taken student interns from SP's Business Innovation & Design diploma course before, and have always found them to be very engaged, taking the initiative to suggest ideas and ways we can improve. We have always enjoyed their presence, because they not only add a youthful energy, but more importantly, keep us thinking about what is relevant to the millennial generation."

Teo Jia En 






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