Diploma in International Business (DIB)

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Why choose DIB @SP Business School?

The Diploma in International Business (DIB) equips you with the core international business competencies that are necessary to tackle the challenges of an increasingly globalised world. The key goal of the DIB course is to groom you to be a global talent – one who is culturally intelligent, multi-lingual, and ready to lead.


  • The Tri-City Study Mission provides you first-hand experience of living and studying in a foreign culture and environment.
  • An integrated learning approach that cuts across a few modules where you focus on various aspects of doing business in a particular country.
  • A strong focus on Cultural Intelligence which helps you to develop the capacity to operate successfully in culturally diverse situations.

Course Highlights

  • Innovative integrated curriculum that provides you valuable insights into how business organisations operate and strategise in the international arena
  • A powerful blend of Business Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and People Intelligence.
  • Unique learning space called iBall (International Business Active Learning Lab) to enhance your learning experience.
  • Cultural appreciation programmes in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia where you will learn about the business practices of emerging economies.
  • Highly recognised by multi-national companies, reputable universities and professional bodies.
  • The Tri-City Study Mission, a specially designed 15-week overseas immersion programme, provides you first-hand experience of living and studying in three cities in Asia


"Diploma in International Business …provides an increased level of understanding for students entering the business world. Your particular focus on international business is particularly important in the global community of today’s world.”

Prof James Gerber

Professor of Economics at
San Diego State University