Welcome to School of Business - Freshman Orientation Programme 2021!

SB Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) 2021 is happening from 14 - 15 April 2021 (Wednesday to Thursday)!

Please note that this programme is compulsory for all of our new Year Ones to attend. However, do check your assigned class before coming to school as we have allocated different dates and timing for the respective courses and classes.

To ensure that you have a pleasant, informative and useful preparation journey before coming to school, we would like to provide you with a student journey on these Must-Do steps to be done before coming to our school on either 14th or 15th April 2021.

Do refer to your offer letter for your admission number to perform some of these steps.

Are you ready? Here we go....








SOP First!

1) First and foremost, have you read and done our school Covid-19 to-dos, e.g. TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, Campus Entry and Exit information, contact declaration? If you have not done so, please do it by clicking on this link.










Check your assigned class and timetable
2) Do you know your assigned class and timetable?
If no, please log in with your SPICE password, by clicking here.









School of Business (SB) FOP 2021 Programme
3) Here is the SB FOP 2021 programme. In our programme, you can find the welcome message from our Director, directional route, what to bring to school and your scheduled class and timing to meet your personal tutor.

Remember that for different courses and classes, you have 
been allocated a different session. So do check your own class assigned session in our school programme and come for your allocated day and timing.

More Info






Find out more about SB
4) How do I locate my classrooms in SB? What to look out for?  What are some facilities we have in SB? Click here to check out this useful video guide to find out.








SB Tips
5) As a first time student in SB, fret not, we have some tips for you to survive the first couple of weeks in school. Here are some useful advice from our very own seniors in SB. Do check this video out. Click here!

To Do







Last but not least...
6) Do complete these before coming to school on 14 or 15 April by clicking here:

- Purchase laptop (online)
- Complete SPICE Essentials Training
- Download SP mobile app and SP AR Map
- Update your pre-SP CCA records
- Set up your SP Library PIN
- Read up on SP Cares
- Complete WSH Awareness Training on "Campus Safety & Health - Our Responsibility"
- Check out the CCA Carnival 2021
- Read up and check out Education and Career Guidance (ECG) page


Hope all of you find this page useful. Thank you and have an enjoyable time!