Welcome to School of Business - Freshman Registration 2020!

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Welcome to the School of Business (SB) family!

Thank you to those who attended our Freshman Registration 2020.  If you have missed our Freshman Registration, do not worry as we have all the necessary information here for you to familiarise yourself before school starts:

1) Please make sure you complete the steps stated on our SP Freshman Registration main page. Click here .

2) Checking your timetable and assigned class (if you have not already done so!)

Acknowledge your enrolment status by clicking here. Once you have acknowledged your enrolment, you will be given your SPICE account to log in to our SAS system. You may check for your assigned class and timetable by clicking here.

3) School of Business Freshman Registration 2020
Please click on the link below for your registration details.

SB Freshmen Registration

4) Watch these videos and take note of the important instructions in the e-FRP content.

FRP Content


Use your iChat email and password to log in. Please read the important instructions on e-FRP content and watch videos on ECG, WSH and HBL.


FOP SPICE Essentials


Use Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge, your iChat email and password to view all the essentials SPICE videos. Please watch the compulsory videos from module 4, 5 & 10 too!

SB Tour


A quick way to view SB classrooms and other venues!




5) Last but not least, we encourage you to check out our Student Survival Toolkit.

Thank you and we hope that you had an enjoyable time! See all of you in School of Business soon!

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