2018 PolyFinTech 100 API Hackathon - Most Innovative DBS Solution Award

30 Jul 2018

2018 API Hackathon PolyFinTech Article

I was made aware of PolyFinTech 100 API Hackathon by my lecturer, Mr Tan Kiang Khiang during one of his lectures. After a round of interview with him and Mr Mark Johnson from SP School of Business, my team was formed to represent Singapore Polytechnic in this hackathon.  

The kick-off for the API Hackathon was on 2nd Jun and I met my mentor, Mr Joel Tay Chun Hiang from DBS. We attended a DBS API Workshop to better understand what API is about, as well as getting hands-on experience on the DBS developer website and practising API coding. 

This was when I applied my Design Thinking knowledge from Social Innovation Project (SIP) by targeting consumers’ pain points of keeping track of due date and payment of bills. Through the process of Design Thinking, I developed the idea of a one-stop bill payment service which I named it BillBoard. 

PALO-IT taught us the industry way of pitching our solution to potential investors. Being in a business school, I already had some experience with presentation, but I found that there was still a lot to learn from PALO-IT pitching workshop. PALO-IT, MAS & my mentor from DBS reviewed my slides and gave me some good pointers on how to further improve my Power Point content.

On the day of presentation, my teammate JiaYi and I presented. There were a total of 20 teams, each allocated 4 minutes of pitching and Q&A. It was very competitive as the presenting teams were very well prepared. 

We were indeed honoured to win the Most Innovative DBS Solution Award. I would like to thank everyone who has helped, especially Mr Lee Kok Leong from SP School of Business for his support and suggestions.

Written by Dominic Teo

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