Disney’s Write Up 2017

26 Jul 2017

Disney’s Write-Up 2017

How to describe the Disney Internship experience? One word: Disney. No other word can capture the magic that happens everywhere and all the time in the magical place called Disney.   When you enter Disney, you enter a world of magical wonders and possibilities that enthral both the guests and the cast members. Of course there are other words like ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ that capture the surprises that make the Disney Internship captivating. A day at Walt Disney World is never boring as every minute is spent bringing fun and laughter to the guests and, in doing so, we as cast members feel that all of us are part of a magical kingdom that is far removed from the vagaries of everyday life. 

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are two very different worlds. Both take pride in introducing new concepts but the way they operate is different with their own signature touches. So, do not be surprised if Disneyland feels entirely different from Walt Disney World as they were meant to be so. 

The group’s most valued experiences is encountering life in the USA from the very moment we hit the tarmac. Riverside exposed us to the work and social culture, gave us new knowledge, and created opportunities for friendship with international students. In Orlando, it was about being hit with the crowd culture, work culture and the magical memories that made every single day a mesmerising one.

The group’s most exciting guest experiences were about having super enthusiastic ‘pals’ and super fans. These ‘pals’ are guests but this a term usually used by Mickey Mouse.

Super enthusiastic ‘pals’ keep the magic alive because seeing the ‘pals’ laugh, smile and interact is always a reward for the effort we invest in making them feel good. The ‘pals’ always help cast members feel motivated and set them right back on track as sometimes, people get lost about what they want to do.

Super fans are epic Disney fans who challenge cast members to make more magic.  They help cast members to believe in themselves and dig deep inside to find that zest for life that makes Disney such a wonder place for the guests. This is exactly ‘pushing us out of the comfort zone’ means. Super fans really keep the magic alive and help everyone because they are potential candidates for the role of guest relations.

All in all, we’ve had the ‘Time of Our Lives’ and we will continue to make magic, spread love and accept everyone together by upholding “The Four Keys”. “The Four Keys” are Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. 

Safety is “I practice safe behaviours in everything I do”. Courtesy is “I project a positive image and energy”. Show is “I stay in character and perform my role in the show”. Efficiency is “I perform my role efficiently so Guests get the most out of their visit”.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to this magical place filled with celebration, excitement and fantasy.

Written by: Moses Seow Hong Woon, DTRM/FT/3B/04 , representative of the current Disney Group for 2017.

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