ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge 2017

22 Jul 2017

ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge 2017: SP Accountancy awarded the Most Collaborative Team Award

On 19th May 2017, 6 of our SP Accountancy students went to Kuala Lumpur to represent Singapore in the ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge 2017 which is organised by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), a globally recognised leader in the accounting and finance profession. There were a total of 12 teams from 6 countries namely, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Together with National University of Singapore (NUS), we were representing Singapore in this competition. We were the only team that was not from a university. 

Singapore Polytechnic - Team Ten Dollar 

This challenge was very intense as we were give only 90 minutes to read, analyse, formulate our recommendations and deliver a full presentation. On top of that, we were given a thick stack of papers for our business case study. Under such a time crunch, we realised that the allocation of work is very important. Therefore, we separated ourselves into smaller groups whereby we have one person doing only PowerPoint Slides with the information given by other group members who are doing the questions. We also have one person to overlook everything and to make sure that we can complete the case study in time. 

On top of the business case study, we were also given an additional piece of challenge halfway into the competition. We had to incorporate the additional questions into our presentation to secure more points. As we were very engrossed in the business case, we were all in shock when the additional challenge arrived. However, we managed to stay calm and were able to answer the questions in the additional challenge.

Given only 6 minutes to present this case study, our presentation had to be very concise, straight-forward and accurate. We had a short time to memorise our script and present in front of the judges and other university students. Under the immense pressure, we were able to smoothly carry out our presentation. However, we faced some difficulties during the Q&A when one of the judges posted a complicated question which caught us off guard. Though it was a tough question which we have not learnt in school yet, we did our best to answer it.

Being the only Polytechnic team in the competition, we are extremely proud to say that our students won the Most Collaborative Team Award thanks to the camaraderie of our team. To me, this challenge was really an eye-opener as I have learnt to construct accurate solutions and analyse business cases from different perspectives and deliver a professional presentation under a very short notice. 

Most Collaborative Team Award, a group photo with Mark Billington, Regional Director, ICAEW South East Asia

A group photo with Mr Yang Chi Chih, audit talent partner of Deloitte Singapore, NUS Team, Mr Daryl Aw and Wei luo.

To conclude, the ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge was definitely one of the most intense competition I have ever participated. However, it is also the most memorable and unforgettable experience I ever had. As a business student, I would strongly encourage my peers and juniors to take part in not just the ICAEW Southeast Asia Business Challenge next year but also other competitions to gain more exposure and learn beyond just school projects and assignments. 

Written by : Guan Xiaoyan, DAC/FT/3A/06



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