International Friendship Day (IFD) 2017

10 Nov 2017

IFD 2017 organised by SB Club was held on 2nd August at the SB Foyer to celebrate the special day set aside by the United Nations to commemorate international friendships and strengthen existing ones. More than 100 students attended the small-scale event on that particular Wednesday.

There were 3 activities- Henna, Polaroid Photo booth and the IFD Quiz. The first booth was a collaboration with the SP Indian Cultural Society to provide an insight to Indian culture. There were also limited-edition Polaroid films/pictures featuring different countries around the world. The quiz was based on this year’s IFD theme- “ASEAN 50”- and students were entitled to redeem candy floss after completion. NuHoney sponsored the event by providing numerous cartons of sparkling honey drinks.

IFD is a day for youths to learn and gather insights on different cultures, and to appreciate the importance of friendships while promoting international understanding and respect for diversity, thereby  bringing social cohesion to fruition.

By: Anica Ong Li Teng, DTRM/FT/2A/03, AY 17/18

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