Metamorphosis @ No Name Camp 2017

30 Dec 2017

The annual No Name Camp (NNC) of SB Club provided a resounding “adieu” to the year 2017.  Its icebreaking session, team cheering and flag designing competitions were thoroughly enjoyable, honing our teamwork spirit and communication and time management skills. Our willpower and determination were stretched in the game, the Perseverance Push.

In Day 2: Sarimbun Scout Camp – hosted our fun outdoor activities such as Human Bowling and Trust Fall, and an exotic camp performance.

In Day 3: Breaking through Barriers - was held at SP Field, straining campers both physically and mentally, but all campers surmounted this final challenge!

A special video montage brought a nostalgic air and sense of accomplishments including fostering unity, trust and resilience in us. All our certificate recipients/campers emerged as stronger individuals, full of hopes for 2018 and a newfound determination to soar to greater heights!

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