Project K.A.N

11 Nov 2017

Project K.A.N is a food donation drive initiated by Kampong Chai Chee CC YEC to help needy families. From 16 July to 15 August 2017, 40 students from SP Business School participated in this donation drive which involved the collection and distribution of canned food for the needy.

Volunteers did house visits, thus raising awareness of needy families’ plights. They also distributed flyers, sourcing canned food donations for residents staying near the CC.

In the following weekend, collection booths were set up and manned at various designated locations while other volunteers went around the neighbourhood collecting canned food. Response from the residents was overwhelming and a total of 13,500 cans were collected.

On the ?nal weekend, Project K.A.N. organized a gigantic logo formation, breaking the record for the largest logo made of canned food (15.5m by 15.5m).  Volunteers helped to pack canned foods into bags and set off to their assigned locations for distribution. We certainly enjoyed this event and were very happy and satisfied that we had this opportunity to serve and contribute in this community “social good” project.
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