ASEAN Data Science Explorers: Singapore National Finals 2018

18 Aug 2018

2018 ASEAN Data Science Explorers Team (Edited)

Participating in ASEAN Data Science Explorers conveyed the importance of data-driven insights and how data add credibility to the solutions recommended. This requires an understanding of data mining techniques and analytical approaches to uncover issues. During the competition, we used SAP Cloud Analytics to analyse data related to social development indicators in ASEAN and propose solutions to remove the pain points.  Fortunately, DFI’s rigorous training in data analytics had equipped me with fundamental data mining methods to apply when using a broad range of analytical software. Although I was inexperienced in using SAP Analytical Tools, modules such as Predictive Analytics 1 & 2 provided me the ability to adapt to SAP quickly.

In a strong field that included teams from our local universities, my team mate Louis Mineo and I emerged as 1st Runners-up!  Our achievement was made possible with the guidance from our lecturers, especially Mr Joshua Tan. He constantly challenged the assumptions we made in our analyses and taught us to structure a coherent pitch that was captivating and easy to understand. It was with his help that our team delivered a pitch to outperform the other participants. 


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