Award Winners of Global Brand Planning Competition

04 Jul 2019

On the 9th & 10th of June 2019 at NTU, two teams of year 3s from DBA’s Marketing Option took part in the Marketing Institute of Singapore & Global Chinese Marketing Federation’s Global Brand Planning Competition. Prior to the competition dates, the teams had to pick a local brand, conduct a brand audit, followed by a brand concept & communication proposal. They had 1 week to do up the proposal & deck, which was submitted to the judging committee on the 2nd of June 2019.

Competition participants included students from China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Africa, Afghanistan & Singapore.

With the help of their mentors; our lecturers Jonathan Lok & Lim Xiu Ru, they managed to meet the deadlines and both teams emerged victorious, claiming both Silver & Gold Awards at the ceremony:

Gold AwardSilver Award 
Liew Hui XuanTeo Xing Lin Celine 
Yeo Jia Yi BellaLiew Ker Li Dilys 
Tan Jia Sheng Jeremy Joy Wong Yin Hui
 Sim Yong Zan David
 Liew Sai Hoe

04072019 Award Winners  Global Brand Planning Competition 2019 pic (Resized)
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