Customer Service Culture @UOB

15 Jul 2019

CSC Guest lecture v1

On 12 July 2019, my fellow course mates and I had the privilege of attending a talk delivered by guest speaker Mr Michael Ong, Executive Director of UOB. The experience provided us all with an enhanced perspective and greater understanding as to how UOB integrates different elements of Customer Service in their day to day engagement with their customers. We saw the knowledge acquired from our lesson materials come to life, and how it is being actively applied in the corporate world today - not forgetting the interesting analogies and examples given using Starbucks and Disney! Mr Ong also kindly shared UOB's journey towards cultivating the sustainable Customer Service Culture built on honour and trust accredited by many today. It was also heartwarming to hear how the company’s employees work together to define the values illustrated in their corporate posters through a shared goal of presenting the best versions of themselves as representatives of the company. The session ended with an interactive Q & A session where some of our pressing questions were clarified, along with suggestions on recommended responses based on given scenarios. Overall, the session was insightful, and taught us all the importance of adding value and making the difference through our actions.

CSC lecture 2 v1

Sophia Chen (DBKF/FT/2A/04)

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